A Man is able to draw thousands of euros current to Bitcoin (BTC) mining

Bitcoin (BTC) mining, which is expensive. What do you do as the power does not want to pay for it? Then drain you of thousands of dollars on their energy. That is thought to be an Iranian-Belgian citizen who is in a room with a mining hardware of the energy is provided by electricity from the neighbors. That tells you it’s an AD.

Illegal mining

One pulls the flatbouw, the bitcoin miners in 2017. After turning off the power switch, and heard, they are still devices that run.
The lawyer said all over the a case with the following: ”When she took a closer look it turned out there was a room with a heavy-duty computer for bitcoin to be mined.” Caught red-handed so to say. The mining of a bitcoin is not illegal in Belgium (and the Netherlands), but this is due to the high cost for almost no more cost-effective.

With the ‘free’ power, however, is a different story. Also that’s why entrepreneurs are the least expensive, often have green energy.

“The use of computers has been enormous. The suspect had a switch installed on the 160 amp for the computer to keep it running. For an ordinary building, which is 40 amps enough. The fuel consumption was so high. The Belgian police has calculated that he needs for 3,000 euros per month, aftapte.”

Does not exist

The defendant was not present at the hearing. After the search, he moved on. From Belgium Oostduinkerke to Brussels, belgium. The hardware is attached. There will be 6 months in prison required against it. In order for the complaint to add power, it was also said that the defendant has already been sentenced for road traffic offences and possession of drugs.
The decision will take place on the 8th of november.

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