A platform for exchange hybrid will replace the exchange service decentralized (DEX) of Waves

December 5, 2019 by Océane

Although the exchange platform is decentralised (DEX) from Waves has recently stopped its activities, this is only a situation of the ephemeral. In effect, the customers of Waves DEX will be operating from now on a new hybrid platform very soon.

End of the DEX of Waves

According to the press release issued by the company, the transfer of the activities of the DEX to Waves.Exchange, the site of exchange hybrid, is already functional.
This new formula presents features that are more serious, including the irreversibility of transactions, the involvement of the user to secure funds on the crypto-exchanges decentralized, and this, with similar features to the trading platforms that are centralized.
From the day of the announcement, the old version of the exchange site is no longer operational.

A great turmoil in the crypto-exchange

Taking advantage of the announcement of this move, Waves has specified that the development of the exchange site will not be of the competence of the team master of Waves, but of another branch which is specialized for this innovation.
According to the company, its main team now focus its efforts in the development of the protocol, its implementation on a open and private, as well as the sharing and infrastructure.
Sasha Ivanov, the founder as well as CEO of the company, has argued in this regard :

“Waves DEX was a sort of prototype. After 2 years of operation, this project has gained momentum and has become a side project. The time has now come for us to focus on the development of protocols and assigning the crypto-exchange to an external team and a separate community of Waves, in order to be able to merge all the teams and infrastructure in a, synchronizing the work of developing and bringing combination products to a new level “.

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