A Russian bank operates 5 000 vending machines “without contact”

Sberbank, the largest Russian bank, has commissioned more than 5000 vending machines of last generation that require no physical contact. These new devices do indeed work remotely from a mobile app, according to a press release from the bank.

Limit the physical contact

According to the official reports, SBerbank has exclusively launched more than 5000 vending machines that limit the physical contact, a major vector for the spread of the coronavirus. In effect, the users do not have to interact with the touch screens. Instead, they can connect their smartphone to the new generation of vending machines to perform their operations.

The new devices take care of the payment applications to the following: Samsung Pay, MirPay, Apple Pay, Huawei Pay and Google Countries. Sberbank also announced that the 5000 distributors integrate technology Blockchain, without however specifying what role it will fulfill within the ecosystem of machines.

According to the report of the Russian bank, the atms would be resistant to acts of vandalism, and deploy facial recognition technology to ensure a level of security high.

A staunch supporter of the Blockchain

Sberbank is one of the banks with the most invested in the technology Blockchain. The bank became the first banking institution to obtain a patent Blockchain in November 2019. She has worked with the Russian ministry of the economy and the government to put in place a sandbox regulatory developments of solutions Blockchain across the country.

However, the Russian bank is reluctant to take charge of the crypto-currencies, due to the hostility of the legislators with respect to this new asset class. In the beginning of the week, lawmakers had a chilling effect on the crypto-industry after having proposed a law which prohibits the trade of crypto-currencies.

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