A small movement of a dolphin crypto has been enough to push the token BAT at the bottom – Breaking News

The second week of the month of September of 2019 has begun with a sharp decline in the market crypto for the majority of currencies more representative within the top 50 of the most important as his main asset is decreased, and some criptos accompanying him in his career bassist. The current position seems to be taking advantage to the maximum by large investors to manipulate some coins as EOS, BAT, whose market capitalization is more easy to handle than the Bitcoin. In this opportunity, a small flutter of a possible ‘dolphin’ has been enough apparently to generate a strong bearish movement in the domestic market of the token Basic Attention Token (BAT), after a important withdrawal to a wallet of origin unknown by the amount of 7 million tokens BAT. The amount of the withdrawal means a quantity equivalent in dollars u.s. $1.2 billion, a 5.5 percent of the MarketCap total market of BAT, which has declined a -2,21% since then, helped in large part by the heightened sense of fear in the market levels of 44/100. Whale-Alert recorded the transfer on Monday, 09 September at 02:05:54 UTC from the reserve BAT to a wallet and unknown up to the present, it seems that this little flutter it has had a negative effect by increasing the selling pressure of the token. Movement of whale in Token BAT in Addition to BAT, the whales moved today to a significant amount of Bitcoin from the exchange Coinbase to a wallet with an unknown direction, adding more uncertainty in the market that already exists at the start of this week. The amount transferred was reported by whale-alert at 02:53:24 UTC Monday 09 September 2019 for a quantity of 1.275 BTC, an estimated $13.177.644 USD. Movement of a whale by 1275 BTC For now, the price of the main asset remains struggling not to descend from the $10.300, after a big red candle did succumb for a minute until the $10.260 two hours after the move reported. So far, there has not been more action by the whales that are noteworthy, with the exception of the movement habitual that we have become accustomed to injecting funds by USDT to the exchanges, such as that which indicates the Whale-alert for the sum of nearly four millions of dollars in USDT transferred from a wallet, of origin unknown to the exchange Binance. The following two tabs change content below. Engineer and passionate about technology, Blockchain and the Bitcoin since 2009.

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