According to the UN, North Korea finance its terrorist activities, thanks to crypto-currencies

April 21, 2020 by Océane

Cornered by the economic sanctions set forth by the United States, the North Korea has found a new loophole to finance its terrorist activities by adopting crypto-currencies.

The links between North Korea and crypto-currencies

Because of its anonymous character, the crypto-currencies emerge as a payment tool, that is outside the control of the international authorities. According to a UN report, North Korea explores the gap offered by crypto-currencies to fund illegally to his terrorist activities.
The end of 2019, the United Nations had already reported a spike in computer attacks are perpetrated by groups of north Korean attempts to steal crypto-currencies across the world. These flights-of-mass are aligned with the country’s aim to collect a maximum of crypto-assets by means of illegal activities to fund its nuclear weapons program.
A guide on cyber-attacks published recently by the FBI also refers to the involvement of the famous group cybercrime, north korea, Lazarus, in a series of hacks to scale. This organization’s bad reputation has been pointing the finger in the design of the malicious software WannaCry that had infected at least 300,000 computers across 150 countries.

Go up the track of the cyber-criminal

The efforts of american authorities to dismantle the network of cybercriminal north korea have begun to bear their fruit. Last January, the american justice has arrested two chinese citizens who had proceeded to the laundering of $ 100 million in crypto-currencies harvested by hackers in north korea. According to the police report, the two criminals had used false identities to circumvent the procedures KYC applied by the crypto-exchanges.
In the Face of the stratagems of ever more sophisticated criminals, the FBI has issued recent directives aimed at promoting international cooperation in the fight against cybercrime north korea.
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