Active Digital Bitgesell provides the ecosystem perfect to become a digital gold

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Offer of BGL is 21 million like bitcoin but with halving the annual and higher transaction costs.The weight block is less than 400KB, which makes it more light and fast.May 18, 2020, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The active digital Bitgesell is a new project oriented to the practical application, and offers a more attractive proposition to miners and holders of cryptocurrencies, than any other similar alternative. The ecosystem of Bitgesell has been designed to ensure that it is practical and appropriate as an investment option digital-to-long term.

Why Bitcoin is not the true gold digital

Bitcoin continues to be the main leader in the market of digital currencies and has always defined what are the cryptocurrencies. However, he faces a series of problems that have not been addressed conclusively:computational Power excessive. The nodes and miners distributed keep secure any string of blocks to ensure that it never has enough computational power in control of one. Bitcoin has surpassed this level a long time ago. Today, only a fraction of the computational power is enough to secure the network.Low commissions in the future. In the future, when you remove all Bitcoin miners will depend on the commission of the transaction. A small reward will be enough to keep the miners in profits. However, the Lightning Network can make that the miners away from Bitcoin as it gains transaction may be so low that it would not be practical to continue working in the network.Scarcity slower. Bitcoin is currently reduced to half their rewards to block almost every four years. This shortage and the level of new BTC mined, mean that the reward block will reach zero approximately in 2140. For the true increase in the value of Bitcoin holders still have to wait 120 years.The developer’s main Bitgesell, Emma Wu, explains one of the benefits that it offers Bitgesell on Bitcoin:”Bitgesell can be perceived as a future of bitcoin, due to its block size smaller, how would the extension segwit (Lightning Network), and due to the halving each year, only after 2-3 years we will witness the future of bitcoin, not having to wait 11 years”.

Bitgesell: the best Bitcoin

The next stage in the evolution of Bitcoin, Bitgesell, is the right step toward a digital model of gold. A digital asset-oriented tenure is an ecosystem calculated with a precision that is predictable and reasonable.Transaction cost higher. Set a higher limit for the cost of transaction has the dual purpose of ensuring that only traded large amounts of currencies, by encouraging people to maintain and increase the demand while reducing supply in the market and ensure that after all the coins have been extracted, the miners are still in a position cost-effective, which makes the network secure.Burned to 90%. The coins in circulation are reduced at an accelerated pace to burn 90% of the transaction fee. This means that Bitgesell will see a greater value of the coins remaining as you reduce the supply.Halving each year. Where Bitcoin takes an average of 4 years, Bitgesell will be halving every year, further reducing the available currencies and achieving zero emissions in a span of a few years.Fully compatible with Segwit. Bitgesell is a network that has fully implemented the protocol segwit. The network is fast enough to withstand any type of load and the transaction will be committed at the speed of light.The currency BGL drives Bitgesell as a means of holding and sharing. Like its counterpart of Bitcoin, there will be 21.000.000 BLG. With a weight block of less than 400,000 bytes, is 10 times smaller than Bitcoin, which makes it more light and fast. Download Bitgesell now on Windows, Linux or MacOS X

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