Acuñarán currency with value in bitcoins in honor of the banknote 5 pesos in Argentina

Forbes magazine in Argentina published that Gravel, a recognized exchange house of cryptocurrencies, wedged a coin with a QR code that will release an amount in bitcoins (BTC).The currency will have the figure of General José de San Martín, hero of argentine independence whose face illustrates the ticket of ARS 5, which will be valid until 29 of February, by orders of the government.So, this ticket will be out of circulation from the cone monetary argentine, but it is the homage that we render the business to a historic personality, who promoted economic freedom in his speech.In comments to the same medium, Sebastián Serrano, founder of Gravel, he explained:

Bitcoin is the first step towards a new economy, more transparent, democratic and accessible than that provided by traditional financial services. This currency-tribute with a value in bitcoins perpetuates these ideals, carrying on the legacy of San Martin towards the economy of the future.

It is important to note that the publication does not detail a specific amount to include in the address blockchain in question, so it is quite likely that it is more than 5 argentine pesos, because these are equivalent to less than 1 cent of us dollar.The ticket of ARS 5, report, is one that has the largest circulation in the argentine economy, therefore, tends to deteriorate more quickly. The plan to destroy the banknotes damaged dates of 2017, when the Central Bank launched the Plan of Standardization of the Money Circulating. The ticket can be exchanged in banks until the 30th of march.Some users of Bitcoin in Argentina, the main group of Facebook community bitcoiner in the country, celebrated the announcement, although others have preferred to wait for more information.Gravel is one of the main argentinean companies in the ecosystem, crypto, having presence in several countries of the region.Breaking News asked for comments from the directors of the Gravel, but at the time of the publication of this notice, has not received a response.

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