ADA rate increases by 15%

For some investors in the crypto space Cardano is probably one of the “secret favorites”. After the project has been underestimated for a long time, it points the past few months by regelmäßieg Updates and improvements. The IOHK founder Charles Hoskinson is regarded as one of the most important drivers of the project. After stating a final date for the Launch of Shelley, responded to the Cardano course prompt, and ADA increased by 15 percent.

Charles Hoskinson is driving Cardano

In the context of a podcast (see source) spoke to Charles Hoskinson about the upcoming Shelley Upgrade. Shelley is another important milestone of the project will be established.

The final date set Hoskinson on the period from 09.06 to 30.06. Thus, the earliest start to the 09 to. June and Shelley then up to the 30.06 will be live, provided that everything goes according to Plan. Specifically, he said:

The people want to know when Shelley comes? I tell it to also… on 9. June. Since it starts for everyone. And the next date is the 16th. June. Here we put all the pieces together.

Then he added:

And if everything runs smoothly, we can Shelley to 30. June deliver.

After Hoskinson has been criticised in the past, that his announcements and Roadmaps to be made without a specific date, called Hoskinson, the child now name. He showed, as always, optimistic and praised Cardano without any If and But. He said, among other things, that the current developments Cardano to make nothing less than ‘the next global operating system’.

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ADA rate increases by 15 percent

That the announcement was well received, showed us the ADA course. After the positive news the share price increased from ADA to around 15 percent.

It will be interesting to see how the price of Cardano with the actual Live feed of Shelley will develop.

Are you even invested in Cardano (ADA) and what is the potential to do you trust the Coin?

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