Aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), Golem (GNT) – Mainnet Launches in April – Big News for Investors

Aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), Golem (GNT) - Mainnet Launches in April - Big News for Investors

CANBERRA, Australia — Significant happenings for Aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), and Golem (GNT) prove their defiance against the current downbeat market sentiment. Marked by consistent double-digit gains, more success can be expected from these three digital currencies.

1. Aelf (ELF)

Aelf (ELF) is a blockchain-based platform revolutionizing cloud computing in the virtual currency sector. Currently trading at $1, Aelf’s (ELF) trading price is expected to soar northwards by mid-April. Events like its Mainnet launch this 2018 have caused excitement in the digital currency world. These developments help further boost its market capitalization of $192 million.

2. Skycoin (SKY)

Skycoin (SKY) is also a massive gainer with its trading price entering the double-digit territory.  Currently trading at $15.68, this is still expected to surge. The upcoming launch of its Skywire testnet is the much-awaited event for Skycoin (SKY). This will provide a platform for dApps and tokens, facilitating peer-to-peer, privacy-centric user interaction in the ecosystem.

Skycoin’s (SKY) bragging rights involve having ex-Bitcoin and Ethereum developers on its boat. With a market capitalization of $122 million, Skycoin (SKY) is considered the most established project among the three digital currencies.

Targeting the creation of a platform that combats the dilemmas of top cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin, the 7-year-old Chinese token has exhilarating specifications like its Obelisk protocol which secures the platform through decentralized nodes.

3. Golem (GNT)

Support for the Golem (GNT) token is surging, ironically, in the market where most virtual currencies are on a struggle. With this Ethereum-based coin’s present trading price of $0.240, this has soared 20.50% within the last 24 hours.

With a market capitalization of $200 million, Golem (GNT) is expected to profit from its Mainnet launch. Its developer team has announced the Brass Beta launching, which facilitates the simultaneous transaction of Golem (GNT) users with the Ethereum network.  All these developments propel this cryptocurrency’s value and usability.

Despite the bearish run in the digital currency market, there are tokens that prove success isn’t far from the horizon. With their engagement with the supercomputer, Mainnet, the favorable possibilities for Aelf (ELF), Skycoin (SKY), and Golem (GNT) are within reach.

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