Alibaba obtained a u.s. patent for blockchainiser the music industry

In the framework of a project of control of the music market, the giant e-commerce chinese Alibaba has been awarded a patent from the u.s. patent Office (USPTO). The patent relates to particular solutions supported by technology Blockchain in order to detect plagiarism and prevent other scams in the industry.

A platform for the detection of plagiarism

In order to protect the rights of authors and support the works of authors, music in the world, Alibaba has recently focused on a solution to control music products via a platform that Blockchain.
According to the patent awarded by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the solutions announced by the company e-commerce relates to the holding of a public registry for the global decentralized in order to detect plagiarism. In this perspective, the platform Blockchain will serve as the structure for the registration, control and protection of musical aspects such as melody, rhythm and lyrics.

A huge database

Over the years, the administration responsible for the protection of the rights of authors of music has recorded a plethora of complaints about the plagiarism. In this case, the competition of kinds to make “tubes” leads to the composers and singers to create similar content that make the comparison difficult in the eyes of the authorities.
To facilitate this arduous task, the Blockchain Alibaba will record the identity data of each title by setting their properties, specific musical. Once this data is collected, it will detect copies conform to the original. In sum, this technology will allow authorities to verify quickly the authenticity of a work.
What do you think of this solution Blockchain to respond to plagiarism in music ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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