Alibaba uses the Blockchain to ensure the traceability of products on Koala

Alibaba, the giant chinese e-commerce, wants to take advantage of the increased transparency offered by the technology Blockchain. It comes in effect to announce the support of a system Blockchain traceability by its subsidiary, Koala, a digital platform import.

To guarantee the traceability and authenticity

Users of Koala can now have access to the logistical information detailed of the products they buy by scanning the QR code with Alipay, thanks to the integration of the Blockchain of Ant Financial.
This new feature gives to users a line of traceability after they have made a purchase on the platform. In addition to the QR code, Blockchain, the fingerprint anti-counterfeiting is also enforced on the page.
Commenting on this development, Alibaba is convinced that the support of the technology Blockchain by Koala will take some of the weight which have since prevailed in the sector of foreign trade, in particular the inconsistency between the order information and goods provided, and the allocation of responsibilities in case of failure of the supply.

Trust the technology Blockchain

This system of traceability Blockchain has been developed specifically to support the platform Koala. The development of the services of the company emerged after she has done the acquisition of the platform to trade digital towards the end of last year.
The chinese giant e-commerce does not stop at this innovation. It provides for this purpose to continue to serve the Blockchain to traders as well as direct mail services abroad. Its purpose is to cover 62 countries and regions by targeting 2 897 product categories and 7 432 marks.
What do you think of the deployment of the technology Blockchain by the e-commerce platform to import Alibaba ? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below.
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