Altcoin Apocalypse – XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, and ZEC, over 90% from the ATH far

Just this Morning, my dear colleague, Ilia has written an article on the current state of XRP. The article bears the title “XRP before the struggle for Survival” – and it is precisely this struggle for Survival is currently the representative for many of the Altcoins. So it is true not only XRP, but also other major Altcoins like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, or ZCash. Simply put: the Altcoins don’t want to grow this year – with a few exceptions – simply. The Altcoin Apocalypse threatens, therefore,?

2019 was not a good year for most of the Altcoins

We are at the end of the year 2019, and must, as a matter of fact, that the glory days for most of the Altcoins are over. Well two years ago, it is now, as the word ” ICO ” was all the rage. In the year 2017, FOMO was the daily companion of every new Investor and scammers have stolen millions (felt) alone, by a pretty website. Almost every day a new Coin around the corner, which was already announced as ‘the next big thing’ came.But of course at that time there were already well-established Altcoins like Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, ZCash or IOTA. While these all reached their all-time high in December 2017 fell the most of the above Altcoins in comparison to its ATH enormous.I would like to point this out now, specifically on the aforementioned Altcoins: Ethereum is 89% below the ATH. This applies to both the Pair of ETH/USD as well as ETH/BTC. Bitcoin Cash is 95 percent below its all-time high in US dollars. IOTA is 96% below its all-time high.The example is probably the most evident, is ZCash. As the anonymous crypto currency was for a long time among the Top20 Coins, has lost in comparison to Bitcoin for almost everything of value. I Express this in Numbers: ZCash is currently 98 percent below the all-time high in US dollars. You look at the currency pair ZEC/BTC, so of 99.98 percent ZCash (!) lost.Twitter User DonAlt summarizes this quite pragmatically:

Ethereum, XRP, and IOTA, however, with a high ROI

We note that almost all Altcoins have lost compared to your ATH enormously in value. So Ethereum, XRP, and IOTA in the order of 90 to 95 per cent below their peak value in U.S. dollars. Bitcoin, with its current rate of approximately 7300 USD ‘just once’ 63 percent below its all-time high. This shows us that Altcoins compared to Bitcoin (especially since the boom year of 2017) significantly worse performed. An Investment in Bitcoin would have been the better Option and Altcoin investors are now allowed to learn alive, what is known in Economics as opportunity cost.However, I must clearly say that Altcoins like Ethereum, XRP, or IOTA, a tremendously strong Return-On-Investment (ROI) value. All of the three aforementioned Altcoins managed to grow since their ICO hundreds and thousands of percent. Of this increase, however, benefited only a few investors – most of them will have filled your Bags in the boom year of 2017. And therefore, I would like to take at the conclusion of the article, once again, a retrospective. To this end, we take a look at a historical Snapshot of Coinmarketcap from the 5. August 2017.As we can see, some of the big Altcoins could compete in the last two years. Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin, Cash, and Litecoin are still in the Top10. Before we get on with the article, a short FunFact: Bitconnect was at this time at CMC on 15th place…While Bitcoin now, since 05. August 2017 was able to increase its rate by more than 100 percent for most of the Altcoins significantly worse. No matter whether we take Ethereum, Bitcoin, Cash, or IOTA. The courses of the respective Altcoin today, a good 50 percent under the former values. Of course I am aware that we saw at the end of December 2017 deviants courses at the Altcoins. If we do not, however, consider these outliers and just the timing of the process limit, the image is definitely bearish. Even those Coins which ‘have’ performed, have been able to achieve over time no significant growth. Litecoin is quoted to the present day, almost exactly at the same price as the 05. August 2017. XRP was able to grow in this period, from 0.18 to 0.21 dollars and 15 percent.Trading crypto-currency CFDs, in the case of Skilling. Bitcoin and Crypto CFDs with competitive Spreads, transparent pricing, and ultra-fast order execution. Most Skilling today and see for yourself.Get started now!

Bitcoin vs. Altcoin – The bottom line is Buy BTC

Some of the featured Altcoins such as Bitcoin Cash, or ZCash have been from a price and technical point of view, in fact, a total failure. Bitcoin to Cash has a ROI of -62 percent. ZCash from -98 percent. While other Altcoins like Ethereum or XRP which were indeed enormous returns for the brought, since the beginning, none of the two Coins to outperform in recent years Bitcoin. The current market capitalization of the entire crypto market is nearly $ 200 billion – on 05. August 2017, they amounted to about 100 billion dollars. While the MarketCap now doubled, had to Ethereum, XRP and co. significantly to market capitalization losses. One of the Coins, however, benefited massively from this growth, is Bitcoin.Therefore, I would like to conclude this article with the wisdom of “Buy Bitcoin #nofinancialadvice”. Which of the Altcoins have, in your opinion, potential? You see, the Chance that the mentioned Coins recover?Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News.You watch better Videos than read articles? Then have a look on our Youtube channel in the past. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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