Altcoin Season ushered in? – Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA explode

A beautiful good Morning to all crypto Monday readers and a nice way to Start a new day! What was going on yesterday on the Crpyto market? The courses as well as all crypto currencies were at the height of flight and ignite all of course rocket. Only a single Coin in the Top 50 was in the Minus, and the Rest in, some with high double-digit Numbers. All Bitcoin SV with up to incredible 94% (within 24 hours was able to!!) points. But all the other Altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA or Cardano were able to make profits that make the heart of any Crypto-Fans beat faster. We analyze in this article for you the profits in the Crypto-market yesterday.

A ringing Bitcoin SV the Altcoin Season?

Apart from the fact that such a broad euphoria, like yesterday, is about as good as all the crypto wähungen been a bit longer ago, was the indisputable winner of the day yesterday, Bitcoin SV. The Coin not only led the winners list of the Altcoins, but all of the Token.
The Coin is gone from the controversial Hard Fork of Bitcoin Cash out, could in the meantime grow to insane 94%. At the time of writing of the article, the BSV course within the last 24 hours, 87% in Plus. The course started on Tuesday morning at just 170 USD, and then on up to 339 USD to shoot high.
UPDATE: Now the price has risen even to 107%. May have changed more in this article mentioned courses after the editorial deadline.
However, this Explosion of Altcoins, many take this opportunity for criticism, especially since the Figures look after all others as a healthy growth. The Dump is now?

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Altcoins: Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA, and Cardano explode

If you look at Coinmarketcap you can see quickly that it is hard to pick some “special” winner from the long list. Nevertheless, we have sought out some of the Altcoins that deserve a special mention: Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, IOTA and Cardano.


Ethereum has made it as number 2 of all the crypto for the first Time, currencies for a very long time. ETH was able to break out from the shadow of its big brother Bitcoin, and more to grow than BTC. Ethereum started the Tuesday with 145 USD and was able to climb through the 14% profit up to 167$ high. For all Fans of the Altcoin is to be hoped that Ethereum could get rid from the poor Performance of last year.

Litcoin and EOS

Two other winners of the Top 10 Altcoin list Litecoin and EOS were. LTC, which is often referred to as the “digital silver” and there is often little encouragement in the Crypto-Community, was able to escape, similar to ETH, out of the clutches of the “digital gold” Bitcoin. Litcoin started the day yesterday with 49 USD and climbed to a high of up to 59 USD.
To the editors of time LTC is 17% in the Plus and is in addition to the Bitcoin Cash and SV, as well as EOS the biggest winner among the Top 10. A better fate befell EOS. The Smart Contract platform, which recently received an Update, to put a whopping 22%.

IOTA and Cardano

But outside of the 10 largest Coins could be celebrated. Cardano, the current number 12 of all the Coins, with 11% in the Plus. The special case: the market capitalization of the Coins exceeds the magic $ 1 billion mark. The promising project IOTA is currently ranked 23. This place is the Altcoin confirmed with 12% profit.
The listing and description of the Altcoins, could be the Tuesday rocked to go on endlessly. But let’s leave it at this point with our selection of the TOP winner. In summary, it is seen that the euphoria of the Crypto-returned to the market. However, the extreme profits, especially in the case of Bitcoin, SV, however, doubts about the sustainability of this growth. We can be curious whether the Party mood continues, or the Dump is imminent.

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