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On previous occasions we have exposed platforms as Artificial Intelligences, which cause impact in different sectors. From the computer, going through production, playing the environmental care and even the health of the people. However, we focus on the platforms IA that help diagnose patients. Amazon wants to expand this, to support from the first contact with the patient.

The project

Amazon believes that their ultimate tool of web services will help the doctors to spend more time with their patients. The tool, called Amazon Transcribes Medical, allows physicians to transcribe easily to the conversations of the patients and add those interactions to the medical records of someone with the help of your AI with machine learning. According to Matt Wood, vice president of artificial intelligence, Amazon Web Services, the tool can understand the medical language. In addition, physicians do not have to worry about say commas and points; the software will take care of that automatically. Wood also stated that Transcribes Medical is very accurate, although Amazon has not yet published a study that shows how well it works. Finally, doctors may use the software in conjunction with Comprehend Medical, a tool that Amazon announced last year that it can read medical texts are not structured and then extract the information as to dose and symptoms. “Our overall goal is to free the doctor, so they have more attention to where it should go,” said Wood to CNBC. “And that is for the patient”.


For Amazon, it Transcribes Medical is only the latest foray of the company in the lucrative health industry. Earlier this year, the company announced Amazon Care, a service that allows employees to take advantage of medical consultations and virtual traces at the home. In the future, it is likely that Amazon deal with the trying to convince both doctors and their patients of using Transcribed Medical, as always, is privacy-related. Wood told CNBC that the tool is fully compliant with the Accountability Act and Health Insurance Portability (HIPAA) the federal government. However, Amazon probably will have to go beyond the requirements of the law to satisfy critics of privacy. HIPAA does not provide a detailed guide on how companies of health care must ensure the medical records to digital patient and has not been updated since 2013.


With this type of platform can be seen that the regulations are obsolete when compared with the speed of change with technology. While Amazon with its AI seems to be looking for the security of the users, with platforms so there is a considerable risk. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of economics, interested in innovation and technological development, always faithful to that tomorrow will be a better day.

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