America wants to be the digital dollars are sent to residents, which is good for bitcoin?

America is in big trouble. The corona virus has ravaged the country, and a lot of people are likely doing this as their job and fixed income to lose. In order for them to meet, explore, the Democrats, the group’s monthly digital and dollars-to-give. These new dollars have to be managed by the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the united states. That is all in the bill by Nancy Pelosi, a member of the House of Representatives.

Monthly, two-thousand-dollar

In the 1.119-page document describes how, in America, the current crisis is to resolve the problem. In the document, it is suggested to take a digital dollars have to be launched. That is, in the section ” Direct stimulusbetalingen for families.”
For the Democrats, suggesting to have a monthly $ 2,000 to be paid to every person of working age that is less than $ 75,000 per year to earn it. These payments will continue until the economy recovers.

Digital dollars, the digital wallet

On page 313, we learn that the Democrats of this stimulusbetalingen who want to engage in a form of digital currency. In the document, they speak about: β€˜an electronic unit of value, redeemable at an eligible financial institution (as determined by gouverneus of the Federal Reserve System.’
Residents who would like to get into a digital wallet, which will be held by the Federal Reserve. In order to be eligible, they must be able to identify them, and then they are able to use the service.
It is not in a literal sense, but it seems that it is the digital dollar for stablecoin is going to be a value which is directly linked to the us dollar. The digital dollar-appears to be a Central Bank of Digital Currency, a cryptocurrency issued by a central bank. But then again, not all of it, because American citizens can be us dollars with other financial institutions, change.

Is bad for your privacy

As Us citizens to make use of this cryptocurrency, then they need to be very careful. Americans will be able to significantly compromise their privacy. This tells Anthony Pompliano in his last email. He is the founder of Morgan’s Creek, the Digital Assets are:
“This initiative is not without its risks. The move by the government to be a digital dollar, in the financial toezichtcapaciteiten to dramatically increase in size. They will be able to all the trades to follow. For the government, it is quite easy for you to keep track of who received the money, and when they do, what they use the money to have it done.”
Pompliano added: “People will, themselves, need to be informed about the financial, privacy, and get used to the taking of any action in order to have their freedoms preserved. However, it is interesting to note that, the digital dollar will be released as a digital dollarwallet. The use of digital wallets, it will make the adoption of bitcoin will only increase.’

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