Americans are seeing bitcoin as a means of reducing inflation and corruption

From a survey of peer-2-peer exchange, Paxful seems that more and more Americans are learning to bitcoin as a viable alternative to the current financial system.

Inflation and corruption with bitcoin

More than half of the respondents (50,4%) are seeing bitcoin as a way to keep inflation and the fight against corruption. Nearly seventy percent (69,2%) of the respondents perceive the payment as the primary use-case for bitcoin.
The majority of the group believes that bitcoin is the future of six-to-ten years, the mainstream is going to be. One of the other major group believes that bitcoin and the cryptocurrency is a bubble, that burst is.
According to Artur Scahabck, the co-founder of the Paxful, it is important that the bitcoin is more widely known, get. In an interview with Cointelegraph, he tells us the following about it:

I remember when we first started, no one had ever heard of bitcoin or know at all, by the word of bitcoin. However, from our research this year, and in recent years it appears that more and more people have heard of cryptocurrency, and to which they are crtypo in conjunction with other concepts, such as money and technology. We still have a long way to go, but I’m very curious to see more of the products that help the cryptocurrency, more mainstream and to create them.

About adoption, and talked with, a large proportion of the respondents (53,8%) believe that a lack of knowledge and acceptance of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency’s out. That’s not bad, cryptocurrency allows for new entrants is complicated and exciting. If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency? Take a look at our extensive knowledge base is full of interesting articles.

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More challenges in the future

Other factors in the adoption are in accordance with research, mobile mine, and the back of the altcoins, and institutional investments and the use of blockchaintechnologie by the private sector. However, knowledge is still the most problematic. Scahabck, once again, to the words:

We know that more and more people from the cryptocurrency you have heard of it. But you probably can hear it even from the computer in the wrong way, such as gambling, multi-level scams. In the mainstream world, it is still a fear of this. The computer industry has been a major challenge to this fear.

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