Amibitieus a plan of a 145 pages of the Beijing blockhain the hub to make it

Beijing has big plans with the blockchain. The most recent Blockchain Working Group, published earlier this week, a large-scale plan for a government that is on the blockchain, it is based on. According to a post on Technode.

The government is on the blockchain

In accordance with the will of Beijing to build a system for digital agencies, of ways to think of the parts of the data, and cross-regional collaborations as well. All of this will have to be carried out on a national blockchainplatform. This is the very first step is to make Beijing a global blockchainhub, this will need to be in 2022 have been achieved.

How to use Beijing as the blockchain?

In a document of no less than 145 pages of the ambitious plans of Beijing are described. The Chinese capital wants to be the efforts to compete with other tech hubs, such as Shenzhen, Hainan and Beijing. More than a hundred government agencies will be blockchain to manage a broad range of issues, such as the provision of unemployment benefits.

The plan sets out twelve different use cases. Consider, for example, blockchain, at airports, and in general of municipal government services to the public.

The ports and the customs authorities, the data will be used by a digital ledger, thereby, long waiting times to history. And small-and medium-sized enterprises to gain better access to finance, as lenders, and the risks to the general ledger, and will manage it.

Finally, Beijing is the use of blockchaintechnologie from start-ups to encourage a fund to set up a ‘talent training’ to start-up for blockchain developers.

China also makes use of the blockchain

Ever since president Xi Jinping blockchain in the sky, has praised the fast adoption of this new technology. The president is no fan of bitcoin, but the distributed ledger.

According to the Chinese website there are more than 45 000 companies in China are registered to make use of the blockchaintechnologie.

This week came the news that the Chinese ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, is in search of a “Blockchain Engineer ‘and a’ Blockchain Application service provider.”

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