An employee of Baidu sentenced to 3 years in prison for having mined the crypto-currency on 200 servers

While the market of the crypto-currency started its downward momentum to get through winter crypto in 2018, an employee of the famous search engine Baidu has taken advantage of its access to the resources of the platform for mining crypto-currencies. Arrested last month by the police following the report of the company, the ex-engineer was eventually sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 3 years, followed by a fine of 11,000 yuan (about 1500 dollars).

An irresistible temptation in front of so many resources

Between April and June 2018, an Bang, the senior engineer of the research engine the most used in China, Baidu, has allowed himself to be tempted by the power capacities of the enterprise in order to undermine crypto-currencies, reports the media chinese Abacus recently.
The qualified employee had easy access to food and took advantage of this last for download of the “scripts of mine Monero” on nearly 200 servers.
At this time, the Bitcoin began to follow the curve downward before lose up to 80% of its value while the cost of mining became increasingly heavy.

A new case of embezzlement among hundreds

The attraction of minors malicious to the energy resources of the major national companies and private has experienced a strong resurgence from the hustle and bustle of the market crypto in 2017. Since, a good number of energy thieves in order to gain power blasting have been identified in the four corners of the world during the last three years.
In Russia, the authorities have inter alia challenged the scientists to a nuclear laboratory for stealing the power energy infrastructure ultra-secret for the purpose of mining crypto-currencies.
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