Analysis: The Halving of Bitcoin (BTC)

The Halving of Bitcoin (BTC) is just hours occur what you’re working on? Do you know what to do? Many experts say that prices will catapult after the event. Here we bring to you 5 Reasons: The Halving of Bitcoin will result in an increase of price. The price of Bitcoin exceeded momentarily the $10,000, increasing at over 160% in 56 days. Demonstrating that it has the momentum. But, as has shown the first criptomoneda in the past, after a recovery so prolonged Bitcoin builds the risk of a correction of significant price. But, according to experts, this time is different. To only hours a Halving of Bitcoin (BTC), the first criptomoneda shows strong signs of a bull rally, which strongly reduces the probability of a correction in price after the Halving.

5 Reasons: The Halving of Bitcoin will result in an increase of price

Bitcoin has shown 5 reasons why many experts believe that this upward trend in almost 2 months, is maintained after Halving of Bitcoin (BTC). These 5 reasons are: The volume of the options, the interest in the future, the institutional market, a spot market healthy and the increase of the activity of the developers. For the first time, unlike the other 2 Halving, Bitcoin (BTC) meets these 5 important requirements to only hours of the event.

Factors 1 and 2: Futures and Options

At the beginning of the history of the derived from Bitcoin, such as options and futures, the trading volume was nothing surprising. But, at present, his activity has done nothing more than increase. Last week, the volume of options in Deribit and total open interest in the crypto exchanges futures CME reached a historical maximum. Both Deribit as CME are widely used both by crypto traders, professionals, as firms and institutional brokers authorized. As we can see, the volume of the options on Bitcoin to hours of Halving exceeds $1 billion for the first time. Source: Skew The high commercial activity recorded in Deribit and CME Group indicates that the demand for Bitcoin among the traders, both outside and inside the crypto ecosystem, is rapidly increasing. Unlike the previous times pre Halving of Bitcoin (BTC), the bullish momentum seems organic, not sponsored by the Hype (excitement), or by false news. But with hard work and sweat of many parts within the crypto ecosystem.

Factor 3: Institutional Demand

A few years ago, we would not have been talking about this. No institution bet and believed faithfully when Bitcoin was born post-crisis world 2009. We had to work hard, and all got our part to overcome the darkness left by the Silk Road. As we announced in CriptoTendencia, the estimated investor is billionaire Paul Tudor Jones said that he invested it in Bitcoin as a hedge against future inflation, which will arrive by the fault of the printing of money inorganic. From January to march, foreign institutional investors invested hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin through Grayscale. The entry of Tudor Jones in the market of cryptocurrencies can trigger the FOMO among other institutional investors. In these hours, pre-Halving of Bitcoin (BTC), and even immediately after.

Factor 4: A Spot market strong

Critpo exchanges as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex, etc, are increasingly strong. Facilitate the exchange of Fiat to Crypto and vice versa, with different features and user interfaces ever more simple. All of this led to the major crypto exchanges have had a significant increase in the number of users who use these services. According to experts, the recent upward trend in Bitcoin before the Halving, was sparked mainly by a combination, or demand, spot, derivatives, institutional, and future. Unlike the other 2 Halving that are past, which were generated by crypto whales manipulating the market, led by BitMEX and Bitfinex, which caused a volatility mass both on the upside and the downside. The fall in the price of Bitcoin are countering with quick shopping on the crypto exchanges. Suggesting that the accumulation is still ongoing, and that the momentum is building within the hodls common.

Factor 5: The activity of the developers

From the early 2020’s, the activity of the developer ecosystem, has increased considerably. Many of them are doing life in the Blockchain of Bitcoin. Sometimes we forget that even though a part of Bitcoin is to be a world currency. Another part is that it is a protocol Blockchain and a piece of software encoded as gods. Source: Santiment The increase of the levels of activity of the developer during a long period of time suggests that a growing number of developers are working on the optimization of the protocol blockchain of Bitcoin (BTC) in the event of the Halving. A confluence of commercial activity, development and institutional of all time is supporting the current recovery of Bitcoin, which makes it unlikely a fix deep for under $7,000. And more than likely a bull run.

When will the Halving of Bitcoin (BTC)?

In CriptoTendencia we are doing a special follow-up of the Halving for absolutely nothing take you by surprise. 11:40 PM in Venezuela ?? and Chile ??.10:40 PM in Colombia ??, Mexico City ??, Ecuador ?? and Peru ??.12:40 AM in Brasilia ?? and in Argentina ??.5:40 AM in Spain ??. These are the hours in which possibly reaches the Halving of Bitcoin (BTC). But, it is important to know the exact time varies by the hour, so we recommend to be attentive to that may 11.

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