Analyst: Bitcoin is at $12K allows prices “as high as the imagination allows”

Bitcoin saw a rejection to face after he was increased on Monday up to 11,500 dollars. At the time of writing BTC is 11,000 $.Analysts remain despite this decline from the local peak levels to be optimistic and argue that the bearish structure of the market continued in the past week, is now broken.A macro analyst believes that as soon As Bitcoin breaks the $12,000 a brand by, could only be the sky is the limit for the upcoming Bull Run.Others say that 13.900-are 14.000 $ for BTC of greater importance, because of the bull market in 2019, has found a peak.

The recent increase in the Bitcoin price has made it possible for the asset to exceed the limit of $ 10,500 in critical – what are some as the ultimate resistance have referred to. A prominent macro according to analysts, BTC needs to recover, however, up to $ 12,000 back to the full potential of the Bull-exploit Runs.

Bitcoin needs to take an $11,500 and Ethereum $450: Analyst

Bitcoin wakes up after long weeks of inactivity finally comes to life. At the highs on Monday of the Coin had, within 24 hours, to nearly 15% – one of the best days in many months.

BTC remains, according to Carter Braxton Worth under a key resistance level, as well as ETH. Worth chief market technician at Cornerstone Macro, and co-host of CNBCs Options Actions; he is also a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and other Mainstream financial news channels.

In an analysis of 27. July argues the Investor that Bitcoin needs to break for $ 12,000. This would allow the Asset to recover on prices, “as high as the imagination allows”.

“It was only a matter of time, Bitcoin and Ethereum are awakening, finally, to life. We are buyer of both. $BTC price target: up to $ 12,000. $ETH price target: $450. And from then on? as high as the imagination allows“

Worth commented, with reference to the table below.

Rob Sluymer takes a different view. The market technicians of the Fund joined Global Advisors believes that the key resistance, you should observe the investors, 13.900-14.000 $ for Bitcoin is.

And for good reason: 14.000 $ was the maximum, the Bitcoin, in the year of 2019 has been reached. This is also the price at the BTC in 2017, despite of the increase to 20,000$.

Whatever the exact resistance, many analysts are not convinced that Bitcoin has only blue sky in front of him.

The decline comes?

Some fear that a retreat for the Bitcoin market as it remains below certain resistance levels.

Some commentators, for example, due to the high financing rates, concern at the margin exchanges:

“As soon as the price has broken the 10,000, shot financing of all stock exchanges in the height. This is NOT a bullishes characters.“

High lending rates suggest that Long positions are overstretched and their positions are forced out could not be, if you are not careful. High refinancing rates are at historically stalls seen with the market most like, or at least with points at which bulls Trends to go back.

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