Analyst: Bitcoin is on the way to the 100,000-Dollar mark

The developer of the probably most accurate Bitcoin price prediction model is confident that Bitcoin will crack until 2022, the mark of 100,000 dollars.

PlanB: “I don’t expect less than $100,000”

In an Interview with Raoul Pal, founder of Global Macro Investor, said PlanB – the father of the “Stock-to-Flow”-Bitcoin-price tools, he would “expect” that BTC/USD remains below a six-digit price.
The momentum to get there, coming from the Bitcoin block reward, which is scheduled for next may.

“… Somewhere between one and one and a half years after the halving, so before Christmas of 2021, should Bitcoin be over $ 100,000 or have been”, as the popular Analyst to Pal.
“If this is not the case, then…. all bets will be void, and (the model) breaks down probably. I don’t expect that to happen.“

PlanB is valued by the Bitcoin investors for the accuracy with the Stock-to-Flow Bitcoins of the movements has followed.
Often its forecasts as a shock, although currently the many evidence, but a convincing Foundation for his Thesis, according to which from may 2020, a parabolic Phase begins.

“I think a lot of people waiting… if you want to see how this works. The halving will of course be a very, very interesting event“, so PlanB next.

Gold investors on Bitcoin

Stock-to-Flow refers to the existing Bitcoin supply in proportion to the amount of newly brought to the market, Bitcoins pay. The resulting ratio, the proponent, makes Bitcoin uniquely to a proper money – far more reliable than Fiat currencies.
The Argument led to a similar popular concept of Bitcoin as “digital Gold”. It do not agree, however, all the Gold-the Fans – Peter Schiff about talks mainly about his distrust of the crypto-currency.
PlanB has not invested in Gold and says: investors in this area are increasingly interested in Bitcoin.

“Everyone looks at this thing, and especially the more open-minded gold investors might consider to invest a little in the digital Gold,” he added.

Regardless of the disputes between the Pro-Gold and Pro-Bitcoin camp of the ascension of both has continued in a period in which the Fiat money system is exposed to an increasing control. Just this week, Germany has taken the gold purchase.
In the longer term, another financial crisis is on the horizon – one that is even worse than those of 2008, which has brought Bitcoin. The Mervyn King, former Governor of the Bank of England said in a speech before the International monetary Fund.

“By adherence to the new Orthodoxy of monetary policy, and so do, as if we had made the banking system safe, to sleep we are walking on this crisis,” he warned at the weekend.

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