Andreas Antonopoulos compares to a question about the number of the ether with the bc of the bitcoin BTC Direct

In the last week, it was on Twitter quite a discussion on the active offer of Ethereum. Pierre Rochard of the Crack was wondering if anyone knows how ethereum on the market. He was joined by several bitcoinners. There were a lot of references to Etherscan, but the bitcoinners but this is not a satisfactory answer.

Baseless comments

On both sides of the debate will be attended by the whole world, but Andreas Antonopoulos is a non-question. He finds this situation, it is just as ridiculous as Peter Schiff and/or by Nouriel Roubini that bitcoin is bc with the unjust remarks and general statements.

On the 10th of August, spent Antonopoulos is a long story on Twitter, for this debate. He refers to it as a gotcha.

Blockexplorers not give a definite answer

First of all don Antonopoulos that rely solely on the blockexplorers like Etherscan for blockchain-info is a very bad idea, because of the limited view that these platforms have to offer. This is true for the blockexplorers for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any of the other blockchain, he added.

“First of all, it is a block explorer that has a very limited view of a blockchain. This gebruikersinterfacetools which are the most important details to summarize and translate it for the user. They all have a point of view that, as a result of the methodology used for data collection and analysis, lays Antonopoulos out.

The addresses are different

He was also on the burnadressen. These are the recipient addresses where you have the coins to send, which has never been published, may be used. Some of the researchers to count these coins is not so bad, others do not. In addition, there are also the so-called ‘uncle’addresses, that is, a small amount of the SIGHTS of the issue, but the transactions are not properly processed.

Due to the relative complexity of such mechanisms, in comparison to Bitcoin, can be oriented to somewhat different conclusions on the question of whether the current circulating supply of Ethereum:

“So, will you have a methodology to calculate the value of the ETH offer, you will answer to determine. The timing (the reference point of your question, you will answer, and will run every 15 to 30 seconds to change it. If you have the burning SIGHTS of the equation, you will answer to determine the same.’

He’s talking about the timing, as what he means in the block times with them. At the bitcoin is, on average, every 10 minutes a new block to the blockchain are added, in the ether, there are at the same time, 40.

In spite of the argument of the Antonopoulos continues to be a thorny issue. Users can’t just figure out how much ether is there.

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