Anonymous, Spain to register the name and the logo of Bitcoin is to patentenregister

Special news: this is the name and the logo of Bitcoin in Spain is included in the Spanish patent and trademark registers. A person who is a patent, applying for would like to remain anonymous, but the process was accompanied by the lawyer Carlos Rubio Menéndez. Cointelegraph spoke with an anonymous client of the attorney, the patent was forced to concede.

The relevant patents can be found here.

Anyone can make use of it

The name and logo is registered in Spain, this does not mean that no two things more may be used:

“I’ve got the logo and the word ‘bitcoin’ at the national level, registered at the Spanish patents and trademark registers. Everyone will be able to access the data, as this all needs to be out.”

– Anonymous a person is the owner of a currency exchange

But why can’t I be the person is the brand name of bitcoin is tricky. That question is answered, he or she is:

“I’m a bitcoin seller, and I’ve got a bitcoin currency exchange. The idea is to bring bitcoin to protect it, at least in Spain]. I’ve been on the mark, and take the responsibility to make sure that every new user will be 100% safe and secure you can feel it working on me, and don’t want to have to deal with a scam to use the name ‘bitcoin’ wild.’

In this patent, are also the rules of how you should deal with a case for bitcoin: “In the written word. it refers to the letter B in the code, and the lower-case letter b] to the computer.’

The misuse of the brand name of bitcoin is to punish them

He or she added: ‘I am protecting it with my organization and with my brand. Anyone who from now on at the national level, the logos, or the word ‘Bitcoin’ is abused, it can have a claim to expect from me.’

It Is an anonymous person, then it might be Satoshi? That is negated: ‘no, I’m not a fake Satoshi. I’ve only used it in the sense of ownership, and the use of the logo and the word Bitcoin is claimed to be. If anyone of these things are wrong to use, I will out of town.’

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