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The “court” Aragon Court functions as a protocol of oracle decentralized.After a process of preactivation, the court will resolve disputes in February 2020.The project Aragon announced this Thursday that is already active in the core network of Ethereum Aragon Court v1.0, a protocol of dispute resolution shaped by juries. The information was published on the project’s blog this Thursday 28 November.The protocol was designed with the purpose of helping the DAO to resolve conflicts unable to be resolved through contracts, smart. According to the information, with the deployment of the protocol in the mainnet of Ethereum, it will start a process of preactivation, for users to acquire the new token ANJ, a native of the “court of Aragon”, assets necessary to participate as a juror.As explained in the GitHub repository of the project, the “court” functions as a protocol of oracle decentralized, where the jurors put into game tokens in the network (ANJ), to win the right to provide the service of resolution of disputes. Participate as jurors allows them to earn a portion of the fee dispute resolution, which is a contribution of the stakeholders to have access to this service.The team of Aragon reported that he has been working at Aragon Court (the Court of Aragon), from the beginning of 2019, and who met a series of milestones before the launch of the protocol in the core network. According to the announcement, it is expected that the preactivation of the start of the 7 of January and that the jurors begin to resolve disputes at the beginning of February of 2020.The tokens ANJ will have an initial value of 1:100 with respect to the network token of Aragon, ANT; that is to say, the owners of ANT you will receive 100 ANJ for each unit of ANT. At the start of the dispute, the jurors placed these tokens so that they can be eligible for the court. Juries with more tokens ANJ deposited, will have a higher chance of being selected to resolve a dispute subjective specific in Aragon Court.Go to the protocol Aragon Court is optional, but the jurors receive a payment anyway. Image: Aragon / blog.aragon.orgLuis Cuende, developer and co-founder of Aragon, said in October Breaking News, the system contemplates that in addition to the jury receives an allocation though not involved in the resolution of conflicts.

Even if you have a dispute resolution system, you don’t want to have to use it, then our model is also fixed much of it, in which the judges have to be paid but not do anything. You need to be there not only for the disputes, but they are there forever, that is what also makes the traditional system of justice isn’t it? Whether or not you cases to judges are paid, because if not they would go.Luis Cuende, co-founder of Aragon

However, the statement did not include details about it.It should be remembered that Aragon is a project, created by the developers spaniards Luis Cuende and Jorge Left, to give support and impetus to the organizations autonomous decentralized (DAO). The platform allows any company to improve the governance, accounting, financing and other key areas in the management of this type of organizations. The new court for dispute resolution will form part of the tools available to the ecosystem DAO.

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