As of today, you can buy Cardano (ADA) with a cryptocurrency app, BOOM!

As of today, you can Cardano with the all-in-one cryptocurrency app GAME. Cardano is an open-source blockchainplatform in which smart contracts can be run.

What is the Cardano?

In 2015, it got to Charles Hoskinson, on with Ethereum to create a project to begin with, Cardano. Hoskinson, saw the problems with Ethereum in the field of reliability and speed of transactions. These problems, he tried to use it with Cardano to solve the problem.

Cardano makes the use of a blockchain, with different layers, in which the transactienetwerk is faster and more scalable should be there.

The ADA language is the currency of the Cardano-the protocol was adopted in 2017 has been launched. And launch it did, with the price as well. The Cardano share price shot up by eur 0.02 to 1.09 euro in just three months. This is an increase of 5.350 per cent! Now, I have to say that the timing of the launch, I was in the middle of the strongest phase of the bull run in 2017.

All over the course of Cardano (ADA)

In the past few months, ADA is significantly increased in value. It is quite possible that this is because it is a Proof of The soon-to-be-deployed on the Cardano in the protocol. With a Proof-of-Stake, can ADA stakes (stakes) for the rewards to be received.

This can lead to a greater demand for the EXTRA token. There is a big demand for a particular currency increases its value. That is, in the last few months, then it happened. From its low point in march, the ADA language, with no less than 638 percent increase in value increase! You can see in the euro chart below, in return.

This increases the ADA even more than bitcoin. In the chart below, you can see the price of ADA is expressed in bitcoin. Compared to the world’s largest cryptocurrency has been the ADA language with a 238 per cent increase from the end of march!

What is the GAME?

GAME is the all-in-one cryptocurrency app to your smart phone. Trade at lightning speed in the most cryptomunten. Whether you’re in for a euro to buy it or a thousand euros for the game then, you’re in control of your investment. And if you have your phone is lost? Not a problem, the only thing you can do is transfer the money to your bank account. Want to know more? Check out the web site of the APPLICATION.

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