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In Latin America there are more than 100 devices installed, counting points of sale of cryptocurrencies.Colombia, Panama, Mexico and Argentina are leading in atms of Bitcoin installed in Latin america.In the last twelve months are installed around the world more than 1900 atms for bitcoin, according to the latest figures from CoinATMRadar, which confirms the remarkable growth of atms installed. These devices, whose installed base is coming this October 21 to the amount of 5.789, recorded the first of October 2018 the number of 3.776.This increase of atms installed corresponds to an incorporation of 5 atms of cryptocurrencies daily on average. In total, the increase in 12 months was 1957 atms bitcoin installed, or a 51,82%. In terms of the participation of the operators in this growth, CoinCloud installed 374 atms in the last year, followed by CoinFlip with 348, Bitcoin Depot with 312 and Coinsource with 277. Continue to Rockitcoin with 207, Bitcoin of America 204, PayDepot with 184 ATM and Local Coin 169 atms. Among these companies, it also includes the installation of new atms by iQCashNow with 147 ATM, and DigitalMint with 132 atms.

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The growth of the cash of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Source: CoinATMRadar.In terms of geographic distribution, North America recorded 76.3% of the atms installed. The united states leads extensively with the 64.6% of this total. Europe takes the second place with 19.7 per cent, followed by Asia with 2.3% and South America with 1.1%. These data show that there is plenty of space for the growth of the industry for atms bitcoin in the countries of the Southern Cone.Spain is in fourth place among european countries in terms of atms installed, with 73 devices of a total of 1.139 in that region (6.4 per cent).CoinATMRadar logged in these moments 63 atms of cryptocurrencies in South America and one in Venezuela. Source: CoinATMRadar.The industry of atms of bitcoin is crucial for the adoption of this criptomoneda, as it allows you to convert bitcoin to cash, and vice versa, in minutes. This can convert to bitcoin on a coin of the day-to-day. Although atms have fees of between 5% and 20%, is an option to sell or buy bitcoin instantly.From 2017, the growth of the atms of bitcoin has been sustained and has exceeded 400% in two years.In terms of the cryptocurrencies supported by the devices, bitcoin is in all the atms installed, except in 3 cases (99,95%), while 70% of the atms installed supports other altcoins.Among the altcoins, litecoin (68,5%), ether (68%) and bitcoin cash (60%) are the most supported in atms and points of sale of cryptocurrencies. Source: CoinATMRadar.In the section of distribution of atms cryptocurrencies by countries, CoinATMRadar shows higher figures, that those listed in the distribution chart, as it adds to the atms existing points of sales of cryptocurrencies. According to the statistics, Colombia is the leader among the Latin countries with 57 devices, 54% of those installed in the region, followed by Dominican Republic (13), Panama (12), Argentina (11) Mexico (11), Venezuela (4); Ecuador, Peru, and Chile they have 3 cashiers each; Costa Rica (2), and finally Brazil and Guatemala, each one with an atm installed.

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