Attend a meetup on Bitcoin from home is now possible with Virtual Reality

Key facts:

15 enthusiasts gathered to talk about bitcoin in a shared digital space remotely.The next date yet to be announced, but already many want to know how they can join.“I spent over an hour there and I had some pleasant conversations. You need some time to get used to, but it is a social event that you can attend in your pajamas!”, said Clara in the group of Telegram, the first meetup Bitcoin virtual reality of the world, held on the 15th of February, organized by several enthusiast of Bitcoin.Eric Wall, who participated in the activity, he explained it to the portal Kryptografen as was that 15 “nerds cryptographic” used their Oculust Quest system (virtual reality game) to attend the meetup. During the experience, participants formed circles and talked about Bitcoin. In addition, they discussed the future of privacy for the cryptocurrencies and stable currencies.According to the comments that were observed in the group of Telegram, the participants, enjoyed the experience approximately 60 to 90 minutes. Also, note expressions like “it was fun”, “I can’t wait for the next meeting”, “it’s good enough”. Several users that have joined recently ask when is the next appointment? The organizers have promised that it will be announced soon, just stay tuned.

How to attend a meeting to talk about Bitcoin while you’re in your pajamas, with few viewers and quirky in the comfort of your home thanks to Virtual Reality?. Well, that sounds like another eccentricity of the world of cryptocurrencies, and if you still have not been surprised with any of them, what if they review this curious auction? It is a ticket which has been altered from 100 bolivars in Venezuela. An allegorical work to Bitcoin 100 satoshis and the co-founder of the home exchange BitInstant, Charlie Shrem, one of the first entrepreneurs of the criptoecosistema. The offer was opened on the 2nd of January.However, when it comes to interesting things in the crypto world, nothing has matched the “Dickening” McAfee and his promise of eating their private parts on television if the price of Bitcoin did not reach $ 1 million by the end of 2020. The magnate of cybersecurity, and presidential candidate u.s. he acknowledged, recently, that it all was a strategy of yours to keep the attention of users on social networks.

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