Augur : the platform of prediction decentralized postpones its update

The market prediction Augur has rescheduled the upgrade of its network by next June, thus giving more users time to prepare for the changes in perspective.

An agenda upset

The deployment of the network Augur on the Blockchain Ethereum was to take place in the month of April. However, the team in charge of the project announced that the new updates provided by Augur will be launched only in the ” first weeks of June.”
Augur is seeking to provide more time for users to switch from the old to the new version of Augur. In fact, before this new update, all of the tokens ERC-20 of the network held by the investors should migrate to version ERC-77, indicates the platform.

“When the v2 (version 2 Augur) will be deployed, all the balances of tokens present should be migrated to a new format tokens “, stresses the release of Augur. “We will soon share the details for the users to manage the migration process, then please wait “.

The projects in the course of the Augur

For the moment, the team Blockchain focuses on the latest details relating to the deployments of the updated ” V2 “.

“The major part of the engineering work remaining for the initial launch of the v2 is to improve the user interface of Augur, to prepare the integration with the launch of the v2 of Uniswap, and to test the performance and end-to-end contracts for projects on the main network “, underlines the team’s Augur.

In the meantime, users can participate in the program established by Augur that promises generous rewards to people who identify vulnerabilities in its intelligent contracts.
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