Bakkt break the record by as much as 109% more for a single bitcoin contracts

For the past few days, left it again, to see why the bitcoin price volatility that is referred to. You might think that uncertainty is just a negative for institutional investors, but the opposite seems to be true. Bakkt continues to record, record-breaking, with their bitcoin futures contracts.

Exponential growth

When Bakkt has just launched, there were days when there was only 3 contracts have been traded. Many people spoke against it and said Bakkt to fail. But, you must never ever too soon to write off, and Bakkt prove that is steadily growing. Yesterday, according to the company, 4.443 contracts have been traded.
And that’s an increase of over 60% compared to the previous record.

The company is writing one of them and that they look forward to continuing to build on this good sense, for the run-up to the launch of Bitcoin contracts, on the 9th of december. As of 9 december, investors in the short-and-long, and is actually bitcoin, to having to buy it. That may be just fiatgeld. That is what seems to be the product of a lot of what CME offers.
At the end of the day, there will be an update of the Bakkt Volume in Kidneys. That shows that the Bakkt the previous record by a whopping 109% instead.

Contracts don’t matter, but the number of bitcoin

Trader, and analyst Alex Krüger has noticed that the volume is bullish, as well as the number of Bitcoins that can physically be delivered.
“But what Bakkt is special, for there is no volume control, but no matter how many bitcoins can physically be done. In november, the number of 17 bitcoins. October 15.’

In vervolgtweet he said:
“The more regulated the volume, the better. With the growth of the Bakkt has been very positive. But keep in mind that the Bakkt is not so different from that of the CME. It is almost entirely paper industry.’
He is expected to be in december, so just 100 bitcoin is actively traded forex but you can Bakkt

As of december 9, with fiatgeld contract

Bakkt will be on the 9th of december for a similar product and launch it as a CME. You have contracts that you have, long or short, is (betting on price appreciation or decline). These contracts have to be in a regular currency to be settled, and do not contribute to the purchase of the bitcoin, but rather on the speculative aspect of the cryptomarkt.
The difference with the CME is that the Bakkt a solution on the market, including the insurance for bitcoin will be lost. Institutional investors can Bakkt bitcoin, buy and save. A further advantage is that the ICE, the parent company of the Bakkt it is. The Intercontinental Exchange (“ICE”) is a U.s.-based company that the stock exchanges for the financial and commodity markets, and 12 of the regulated stock exchanges and markets to exploit.
ICE already has a certain reputation and that can be the investors to convince.

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