Banking giant invests in MoneyTap and the XRP course moon forecast$14

Today, we are wading directly with 2 news on the Ripple Front. Firstly, there is the statement of a Japanese banking giant announced to invest in subsidiaries of Ripple and on the other, it’s going to be a XRP price forecast, which is likely to taste many Ripple Fans.
An Analyst is of the opinion that at the current rate, over the course of a pattern of the past have recognized, which has caused an absurdly high increase in the price of XRP. However, more should not be betrayed at this point. Only this much is certain: It is once again exciting!

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Ripple’s MoneyTap receives investment from the second largest Bank in Japan

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), the second largest Bank Institute in Japan, has partnered with SBI Holdings to a Blockchain-based financial services platform.
The SMBC is planning to invest money in the company of the Japanese financial conglomerate, to the use of Distributed Ledger technology to expand in trade Finance and individual Bank transfers.
As part of the link, the mega Bank decided to invest in the Ripple and SBI Holdings developed Blockchain-based payment application MoneyTap. This happened after the Fukushima Bank, and a number of other regional banking institutions had decided to incorporate the App.
MoneyTap enables its users to send money with the help of phone numbers, or QR Codes. However, it is worth noting that the XRP-Token shall not use. Once again, an example of that Ripple and XRP are not congruent.
Apart from MoneyTap SMBC will also invest in the Corda platform of R3 in Japan. It is expected that this will promote the introduction of Corda in one of the largest crypto-Hubs greatly.

The Ripple rate ignites its rocket engine?

Even when the XRP exchange rate of the above News is not affected, there is still a positive Outlook on the possible future price history of the crypto-currency.
The XRP exchange rate is, according to analysts, in the middle of the breakout from its downward trend that has now persisted for two full years.
An outbreak could shoot, according to the analysts, and contrary to the expectation of many on the market, the XRP price up to 14$ and up.

How and why the XRP price reach 14 $ can

Speculation in the past have led to increases in the XRP price is already too high price, the early investors allowed prematurely from the work everyday life.
According to an Analyst, the last rocket flight of the XRP rate could give an indication of where the price next could go. Of course, the case that the outbreak of the current confirmed downward trend.
In the past, XRP price is shot after the breakout from a similar pattern of over 6000% in the height and of course the hope that the Past will repeat now.

Should repeat the past again and we have to do it with an outbreak, the rise once again, resulting in a price of 6000%, it would end in a XRP price of about 14$.
An idea which is likely to favor one or the other XRP Investor with security. Nevertheless, one should remain critical, because a one-time event in the past is not yet on a pattern close.

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