Bargains abound, but a scarcity of buyers on the new platform P2P of the petro

Key facts:

Registered users, with wallet in Criptolago have a billboard for the supply of petros.By the oversupply and the lack of interest of purchase, some customers choose to finish off your petros.At this time, when hundreds of venezuelans are looking for an alternative that allows them to exchange or sell the funds in petro they have in their possession, the home exchange venezuelan Criptolago announced, this 27th of February, which enabled the trade peer-to-peer or P2P for the project criptomoneda government.However, the initiative apparently has not provided an effective solution, given the low buying interest that is seen on the platform.Users with registered, verified and with wallet in Criptolago, you can now transfer your funds in petro from the PetroApp to your portfolio on the platform of venezuela, and from there, to bid, to sell or to buy. When any interested party accepts the offer to come to an agreement among themselves.It is a market person-to-person or peer-to-peer to which people go to buy and sell or change the currency of government, and where, in the bill, are already seeing deals from 0.1 PTR, which is the minimum amount allowed to trade. Operations on the platform have a cost of 2%.As soon as Criptolago announced that it had enabled trade between the pairs, began to manifest some offers. According to the system, in less than 48 hours have been charged more than 260, the majority of sales. By the oversupply and the low purchase interest some users opt to finish off their funds in petro.De indeed, the average rate that is observed on the billboard is by the order of 1,800,000 bolivars per unit is approximately, even when the system is Homeland, the platform used by the venezuelan government for the delivery of subsidies, the value reached 4.043.700,42 bolivars.In the portfolio of ads are referred to more than 200 deals available, but only 10 are visible. It is also appreciated that in this platform, the price of petro, based on the offers, is by the order of the 1.800.000 bolivars. (Source: screen Capture, Criptolago).Some users have left comments on the group Telegram Criptolago, where a person asked the house to change that to minimize the speculation, it will display the full book of orders, in addition to the full-volume for each pair of cryptocurrencies, and that will speed up the time of funding of the wallet in fiat, along with withdrawal times in fiat and to expand the P2P sharing to more pairs.In addition, several users asked the administrators of Criptolago that restore the purchase of bitcoin with petro, who until recently was active and which was canceled for reasons unknown. In fact, the option is still observed on the platform, but when you try to operate, in reality is to change bitcoin for petro, which has generated confusion among those who show interest in this option.For other comments left on Telegram, the new trade P2P Criptolago is a demonstration of the petro is not fulfilling the purpose for which it is supposed was created, as it may not be used as a means of payment or exchange due to the limited options available. Before you book it as a method of long-term savings, many venezuelans prefer to change their petros for the devalued bolivar, although this represents to lose more than 50% of its official value.Although in April of 2018, in a transmission channel government television VTV, president Nicolas Maduro announced the names of 16 exchange houses in which they could operate with petros, not all of them are operational today. However, you can still find some options, such as Antwerp, for example, where you can exchange petro by other cryptocurrencies as bitcoin, litecoin, dash and ether.Last January, a number of users registered in the platforms of exchange LocalBitcoins and Hodl Hodl published announcements of sale P2P with petro. The emergence of exchanges with PTR in criptobolsas foreign called attention since its commercialization, driven by the government of Maduro, it was limited in theory to a handful of exchange houses in venezuela.

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