BBCard: the digital asset from BXB to trade easily with Bitcoin

BBCard is a digital asset based on options european standard, developed by BXB Exchange. It is an asset, totally accessible that it can be easily understood both by investors who are passionate about the cryptocurrencies as for those who do not invest in crypto.The easy understanding of BBcard is because you only need to predict the direction of the price of Bitcoin, up or down, in the next 8 hours, 2 hours or 30 min and get a return of the correct prediction.

How do I use BBcard?

The trading platform to use the BBcard displays the last price and the change of the criptomoneda Bitcoin. If it is believed that the currency is digital will go up in price in the next eight hours, you must click on the button “Up” (or “Up”); on the contrary, if it is estimated that it will lower should you select “Down” (or “Down”).Under the first option, you will see an interface of purchase of BTCBullCard08, while the other option shows the purchase of BTCBearCard08. That number “08” at the end indicates that the card will expire in the next eight hours after the purchase.Then, enter the number of BBCards you want to buy. If available funds are insufficient, you must select the “+” sign to the right to access to the interface repository.After entering the purchase amount, simply click on the Buy button to buy the BBCard. Once this is done, you can check your orders by clicking on the History button to go to the interface that shows all the BBCards purchased by the user in the past two days.All of the Cards shows all the BBCards purchased by the user in the past two days. The cards that have been liquidated, and have deposits displayed on the page of Winning Cards.

Comfort for the user

Despite the fact that BBCard is an option contract on european standard, the user does not need to worry about the complicated rules for the calculation of the option. The platform incorporates a chart that shows its left is the possible price of Bitcoin when the card expires; whereas, in Gain, just to the right, it indicates the profit earned on the future price of the criptomoneda.Even, for the convenience of users, the price of BBCard is fixed at a minimum of 1 USDT card. This value is the premium for the purchase of options, to be paid to the seller of the corresponding credit card. So, BXB Exchange will charge a commission for the transaction of 0.05 USDT for each card included.

What is BXB Exchange?

BXB Exchange is the platform matrix of the BBCard. This is a crypto exchange with more functionality than other similar services to cater to the investors and traders of digital currencies looking to exchange criptoactivos.The company of financial technology and the blockchain with headquarters in Estonia, is composed by a team of the main hedge fund quantitative Wall Street and technical experts in trading traditional financial.For this, the team of BXB Exchange has a wide experience in the understanding of the underlying structure of the trading of cryptocurrencies, as the security mechanisms, the creation of markets for liquidity and systems ultra-low latency, in addition to having a wide community in Telegram, entirely in Spanish, which cater to their Spanish-speaking users.BXB boasts a number of advantages in the use of the platform, unlike other existing services. These features include automatic trading, trading of tap, trading options and futures with leverage. All through a portal built from the ground up to give users the experience of trading safer and more efficient.The featured tools such as the auto trading and the Tap Trading make operations more straightforward, with quick access keys that help the traders to short term to exit and enter trades.

To deposit and withdraw money at BXB

Both to make a deposit to collect the money, the first thing you should do is to verify the account.To do this, BXB asks for the basic data of the user: name, surname, etc, along with a photo with the front of your document of identity.Then they should expect the check in about 24 hours. Once verified the account, the company sends an e-mail notification.Once verified the account you can make deposits and withdrawal of money. For that, if you’re in the app, it goes to the menu bottom, click “Assets” and then in the category “Cryptos”.There are different options of cryptocurrencies to deposit or withdraw, with which it is possible to negotiate within the platform of BXB.For more information, interested parties can access the group of BXB in Telegram in Spanish, where they will be attended to immediately.Sign up at BXB, of liability: The contents and the links provided in this article only meet for informational purposes. Breaking News does not provide recommendations or advice on legal, financial, or investment, or replace the due diligence of each interested party. Breaking News does not endorse any investment offer or similar here promoted. For more information click here.

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