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A macro-strategist of Deutsche Bank, has expressed concerns that the Dollar could lose its Status as a safe Harbor, if a further wave of the pandemic hits the United States. The current global reserve currency as an “emergency”currency should be weakened further – could Bitcoin hatch then finally, in this role?

Macro-strategist presents Dollar-security is in question

If the economy is in distress, cut off certain assets that are considered safe havens for capital, known at the best and be traded at a premium. These assets include Gold, the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen and the Swiss franc.

Gold is an ideal example of this. The finite availability of the precious metal makes it a strong hedge against Inflation. Bitcoin is also rumored that he has, because of its fixed supply of 21 million BTC have similar properties.

As the Dollar bucked in the 1970s, for the first Time from the support of Gold, was quoted at about $ 35 per ounce. Today, he noted, after 50 years of Inflation at about 1760 dollars.

And although the Dollar has inflated over the years since then, he remains the global reserve currency. The currency of the Nation is sought after for a long time and allowed it to remain in a position of power.

For the first Time in nearly 100 years, the Power of the Dollar weakens significantly.

A weak Dollar is vulnerable to Bitcoin and the Digital Yuan

At the beginning of the pandemic, a Safe-Harbor traded-assets such as the Dollar and Gold at a premium. Now a chief macro strategist of Deutsche Bank Asia, Sameer Goel, investors should put this premium in USD of the question says.

Goel fears that when the cases flare-up in the United States, the Dollar weakened and unprotected could stay.

“This emergency Dollar demand seems to be waning,” said Goel.

He added that the opening schedule of the United States seems to be for the economy is “weaker” than in the Rest of the world.

The United States because of racial and political tensions, with additional unrest faced. The distrust in the government is out of control.

The United States experienced the greatest increase in new cases of the Virus since 1. May. Also in China, the cases of to take back, but the Yuan has been kept according to Goel stable and strong.

The Outperformance of the Yuan against the Dollar will only be temporary, as Goel. Since China is on the verge of the introduction of digital Yuan, could get the Dollar, however, in difficulties.

The pandemic has shown the world that it is time to contact-less payments, as usual. Digital payments have increased, and the dependence of cash and “brick – and-mortar banks” has declined.

China wins the race to the dominance of digital currencies.

The Dollar is also using Bitcoin to compete, a non-governmental crypto-currency, which has properties similar to other Safe-haven currencies.

The Communist control that China exerts over its currency, and the citizens could prevent a digital Yuan in other regions found a wide acceptance.

If the USA can not timely give out a competing digital Dollar, in order to control the digital Yuan, could Bitcoin be the best Alternative.

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