Best tweets of the “Binance OffTheCharts”

To finish our coverage of the birthday of the biggest exchange in the world, with the conference’s largest online this year. In addition to this, the “Binance OffTheCharts” gave a lot to talk about during the 10 hour event. Therefore, in this occasion we will present the tweets featured, starting with an honorable mention.

We live the change

During the event we were able to observe the power that you possess the cryptocurrencies, making a difference in the world, what we can see with the changes that are coming in the way of thinking and working. This idea is embodied in the words of Rune Christen, CEO of MakerDAO.

However, unlike what many think, what is traditional is not going away. This is what you are looking for say Sean Rolland of BitPay, on the basis that the banks are a fundamental part of the change.

Although we need to be patient, given that the cryptocurrencies are still immature. This was the message we wanted to convey Charles Hoskinson, in his speech during the Binance OffTheCharts and emphasize in our tweets.

But we must not forget the current situation, which seems to be accelerating the entire change process. So, even Justin Sun, CEO of TRON, expressed that he is living these changes.

So, like Justin Sun, the change depends on us and happens in each one. So, from how we work, how we make purchases of the week, until what we teach people, we can contribute a grain of sand of change. This idea was that we highlight in our tweets of the Binance OffTheCharts, shared by Akon.

Happy birthday Binance

To close our article on the tweets featured in the anniversary of Binance, we want to again congratulate the exchange. So, these past 3 years, this company has impacted the lives of many people, from Latin America, coming to the united States and clothing all over the world to Asia. For this reason, we end with the words of Changpeng Zhao, the genius behind all of this.

We hope you have enjoyed the coverage of the event, we can assure you that to us if, so unique and special that was. So, we’ll see you in a next occasion and continue to accompany you.

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