Big tech and Blockchain : where are we ?

Over the past few years, the Blockchain has guided all of the technology developments of major companies of Icts by proposing a model of storage and communication of information efficient and decentralized. Among the major investors in the sector, the big shots of the market such as IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung and Google have each drawn their trajectories in the implementation of the technology. Some are focused on financial services, others are interested in an operations or logistics or social that here.

A conversion total for Samsung, and IBM

The two giants of the computer industry and the telephone were the first to venture away from their beds to embrace the new wave of investment in technology that is the Blockchain. For its part, IBM began its race with a multitude of patents before the start of major work on a data management platform the decentralized targeting large companies, like the IBM trust food.
At the same time, Samsung is out of his comfort zone to attack the underlying market of the Blockchain, namely the crypto-currencies. Specialist of the communication network, the giant of south Korean was so focused in the production system for mining crypto-currencies, the latest ranges of smartphones from the brand incorporates wallets for crypto-currencies.

Google, Apple, and Sony grope

Unlike their peers, these large companies of the Big Tech seem to weigh the pros and cons of the technology Blockchain by navigating to view in the conquest of the area. For Google and Apple, the word order remains the safety, also, their main activities, inherent to the Blockchain are limited to interventions to secure data and mainly the flow of crypto-currencies.
For Sony and Microsoft, the approach is a little different, with involvement of the minor in the underlying projects to the education or the music rights. Among other things, Microsoft is also interested in the Blockchain to provide services to any business without adhering to the decentralized system via Azure.
What do you think of the involvement of the Big Tech in the area of the Blockchain ? Give your opinion in the comments section.
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