Binance Airdrop: a gift of 1.1 million USD to BNB

The great Binance Giveaway – statements such as these, one often hears in connection with Scams on Youtube or Twitter. The alleged Binance Airdrop to participate, it is necessary to send only a small amount of BTC to an account, to enable his own address for the Airdrop”. Free of any Scams, has Binance started now, in fact, a Giveaway, in which you, the Community, want to thank.
Like you on Binance Airdrop can, in which a total of 50,000 BNB in the value of more than $ 1 Million will be awarded, to participate, you will learn in this article. Good Luck!

Binance Airdrop in the amount of 50,000 BNB

Four days ago, published Binance on your Blog (see source) a contribution to a Community Giveaway. This Airdrop will be awarded in the sum of 50,000 BNB. The Promotion will run from 24.02 to 27.02. There are two ways to join the Airdrop to participate. This we’ll look at now:

Promotion A: 1 BTC on the spot market to trade

All users acting in a total volume of 1 Bitcoin or more (= Buy + Sell) on the Binance Spot or Margin of the market, participate ‘automatically’ in the Promotion. Anyone who meets this criteria, it comes in a swimming Pool by a total of 40,000 of the 50,000 BNB.

Promotion B: 1 BTC on Binance Futures trade

In the second Pool in the amount of 10,000 BNB each user, which is the Equivalent of 1 BTC or more on the Binance Futures market.
To sum it up: any person Who, in the coming days up to and including the 27th of February, a volume of 1 BTC or more on Binance, it will automatically come in one of the two Pools. In addition to this, there is still a current Promotion on Twitter:
Anyone who follows Binance on Twitter, the below Post retweeted and a friend tag, also has the Chance to NBB in the amount of $ 100.

At the conclusion of the article, we take a look at the Binance Coin price Performance this year.

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Binance Coin (NBB) with a solid Performance

Just in the last two years of the Binance Coin could stand out from the crowd and a lot of Coins to outperform. The BNB rate ended the past year with a Performance of +150 percent, while BTC rose in this period to around 95%.
Contributed to this Outperformance (and contributes) in particular, the strong dominance of Binance. Through permanent innovation (keyword: IEO) and the Adoption of relevant topics (Lending and Futures) made it the world’s largest Crypto-Exchange to keep the customer on your side. And BNB in particular benefited from the increased trading volumes, which have happened in the first place, regardless of the Price.
Also, regular Giveaways, like the current case shows – contribute to the spreading of the Binance Coin and the demand to keep this, at least, constant. This year the course looks Performance of BNB’s as well solid.

The exchange rate of BNB rose from 13,80 USD at the beginning of the year to the current 22,41 USD. The BNB course, there was a growth of 64 percent in the current year. This Performance may be referred to in relation to the entire market as a ’solid to good‘, as BNB, for example, better than BTC, XRP, EOS or TRX performed, but worse than ETH, XTZ, or ADA.
The great Binance Airdrop: How do you think about such Giveaways? – A sign of good gesture, or a pure Marketing ploy.
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