Binance and TravelbyBit are teaming up to launch a reward card travel

The platform of exchanges Binance is pleased to announce through his Twitter and blog, the new alliance with the portal of booking travel, known as TravelbyBit; they expect to launch a debit card rewards for travel, which may be preloaded so that users can pay for services with cryptocurrencies, either with: BTC, BUSD, ONT and BNB.

What is TravelbyBit?

This is a portal that has the function to book flights and also offers suggestions on road trips. Co-founder and CEO current is Caleb Yeoh, who is said to be very excited with the initiative of Binance out of a desire to create a debit card rewards for travel. It stands out from other portals because it allows to make payments using cryptocurrencies and offers suggestions of places where you can pay for the services cryptocurrencies. In addition, they will offer a new reward system for travel through the card of Binance and TravelbyBit, with which you will be able to make special reservations, pay for services and withdraw fiat.

New reward cards travel support cryptographic

The new reward cards for travel is backed by cryptocurrencies will be available to streamline the payment on the trips, as well as on the websites; not only will serve to pay for lodging and flights. It should be noted that, Binance and TravelbyBit are very happy to announce the launch of a product that will facilitate the payment of services to the individuals. The CEO of TravelbyBit mentioned that, there are many companies that accept the criptos as a form of payment. However, they take advantage of users and charge for services amounts unreasonably high. It is for this reason that, many people up to now do not adopt the cryptocurrencies as methods of payment; however, it is expected that with the new cards from the portal and Binance, the acceptance of the cryptocurrencies increase. Binance and TravelbyBit hope that, with these reward cards for travel the cryptocurrencies to become more usable; as it, expect users to be able to enjoy a better service at a global level. On the other hand, the CEO of TravelbyBit also added that he expects to see grow the cryptography so that users can enjoy high-quality services and an economy free; but this will be possible only working together, therefore have decided to start a new project with Binance.

When will be launched the new reward cards travel?

It is important to know that the release date is still unknown, however, in Binance announced that possibly comes out at the beginning of the year 2020. Although, it should be noted that, in charge of the distribution of reward cards for travel is the company TravelbyBit. In addition, also published on the official portal of Binance that, the reward card for travel will be available mainly to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and subsequently in some countries of Europe and Australia. However, it is expected to deploy gradually in other countries.

How to get the new reward cards for travel?

The new cards of Binance and TravelbyBit be granted to users that make a pre-registration during these dates, however, it is possible that the delivery may take; as, possibly, many individuals are on the waiting list. It is for this reason that, to be able to enjoy the reward card for travel, best is to make a prior registration on the portal of TravelbyBit. When performing pre-registration ensures you a card, however, possibly after its launch will also continue to accept registrations for the card; however, it is unknown whether they will take over the delivery or will be more quick. Therefore, the best thing you can do is pre-register on the portal to have a secure place in the list of records.

What you can pay for with the new travel cards?

As was already mentioned above, with the debit card reward for travel of Binance and TravelbyBit you can access many services; secured Caleb Yeoh. With this card you will be able to pay hotels, travel and much more; as it was mentioned above. However, it will depend on the platform on which it is used, as that, possibly not all companies accept it; it may be used in the following services: Booking of viajesHotelesVuelosCompañías as: Booking, Expedia, Agoda and for obvious reasons TravelbyBit. In addition, when you use it, you will be able to obtain benefits, discounts, and rebates on prices; although, you also earn discounts with codes. As was already described above, the use of this card will be limited initially in some regions, therefore, will not be available for now in many countries. Therefore, it is believed that currently your launch get a great acceptance by the public, so that in this way one can obtain excellent results and the team of developers achieved the desired goal. The following two tabs change content below. I am a young man from Venezuela 18 years, lover of technology, innovation, and economic events that govern the world. One of my passions are cryptocurrencies.

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