Binance Charity launches new token: EPP

Due to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) the world is coming together to fight against the pandemic. Binance Charity is also committed to this fight. For this reason, launched the token PPE, in addition to donating to 200,000 masks and protection equipment in New York. Binance Charity is a donation platform based on Blockchain dedicated to the advancement of philanthropy transparent. He was born of the exchange the world’s largest, supported with resources and logistics. Today, announced via a press release on the blog of Binance, the launch of the token EPP, a stable currency based on Blockchain. The token is intended to address the pandemic of COVID-19 in New York and to track the delivery of EPP last mile to the hospitals, according to the charity.

Token EPP of Binance Charity

The token EPP is transparent during all the process of its use, including the issuance, distribution and redemption. According to what’s listed in the press release, the token EPP demonstrates the functionality of the technology blockchain during a pandemic as COVID-19. The token EPP is a stable currency (1 PPE Token= .02 USD), and 1 EPP Token will facilitate the delivery of a mask to a final beneficiary in a designated hospital in the city of New York. As shipped the masks, the tokens PPE are released from the wallets of the hospital to e-mails, demonstrating that the delivery of the last mile has been made. The messengers will be exchanged all the token EPP received by the money trust with the help of Binance Charity as the last step of the whole process. Flow Token PBE. Source: Blog of Binance

200.000 masks to New York

In addition to launching the token EPP, the campaign Crypto Against COVID of Binance Charity announced on 24 march 2020, also will be sent to 200,000 masks and units of personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospitals and first responders throughout the city of New York through the post office. This donation is aimed principally at ten hospitals of the city, according to published publication: New York-presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone, Mount Sinai Hospital, Hospital of Lenox Hill, Montefiore Medical Center, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, Maimonides Hospital, Staten Island University Hospital Stonybrook, Hospital Huntington.

The united states very affected by the Coronavirus

The united states, has more than 1.3 million cases and 78,000 deaths at the time of writing of this note, according to the WHO. In this regard, the united States represents nearly one-third of the total number of cases worldwide. In part due to its dense population. New York has been the state most affected in the united States, with more than 300,000 cases and 25,000 deaths. The state has more confirmed cases of COVID-19 that several countries around the world, including countries with populations that are many times larger than New York. Previously, the campaign Crypto Against COVID of Binance Charity, announced the early donation of $ 1 million dollars in BUSD and set up a wallet for public giving. Binance become the BUSD in Fiat to buy supplies from suppliers, examined and as well send it to the selected hospital in the affected countries.

Senior vice president of charity expressed the importance of the token

The senior Vice president of charity, Jarred Winn, expressed the importance of technology EPP Token and the blockchain in the fight against COVID-19. Commenting that the use of the token EPP and blockchain, the objective is based on providing greater proof of donation. So expect others to follow his effort to demonstrate the impact while maintaining the integrity. Recall that after the outbreak of the coronavirus in December 2019, Binance immediately launched the project “Binance for Wuhan”. Pledged medical supplies worth $ 1.4 million dollars to support the battle against the virus in China. Why, then, did the launch of a global campaign, “Crypto Against COVID”, to address this global concern.

Binance and its aid to the Caribbean

Recently, Binance Charity, announced its partnership with the Foundation Intact, non-profit, to address the pandemic COVID-19 in the Caribbean. The commitment of $1 million dollars will go to provide medical supplies of PPE to hospitals and first responders in Puerto Rico and the neighboring islands of the Caribbean.

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