Binance disabled purchases of bitcoin with cards in Latin american countries

Key facts:

Operators Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru have restrictions.In total, the house of change went down shopping using this method in 21 countries.Operators Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and Peru may not acquire bitcoin or cryptocurrencies with bank cards on the house of change Binance. The company was announced Sunday in a press release that updated its list of countries eligible to market through this method. The measure also included other 16 nations of Africa and Asia including Nigeria, India, the Philippines and South Korea, among others.Binance only indicated that payments with Visa and Mastercard in the function “Pay with bank card” will be disabled temporarily, but without explaining the reasons that led them to make that decision, or the time you will be suspended the service.In the same report lists the countries in which yes you can buy bitcoin with cards, but they are basically the countries of Europe and the United Kingdom among those who remain Spain, Italy, Norway, France and Germany and 27 other States.A spokesman for Binance consulted by Breaking News said that the company will issue a new press release with more information about it, however, did not specify when it will be published in the newsletter.The move by the house of the change of cryptocurrencies contradicts the own ads that has made the company recently. Just four days Binance informed the community that the operators of Colombia and Peru could already buy bitcoin with Visa, as users are residents of South Korea, Kenya, and Kazakhstan, these latter three countries also were on the outside with the measure.Almost a month ago Breaking News also reported that Binance had enabled P2P to five coins fiduciary of Latin america. On that occasion it was reported that the operations were available for argentine pesos, colombian and mexican, as well as for users who use soles of Peru or the brazilian real. It was not clear if these exchanges are free of restrictions.In addition, this change occurs 12 days after Binance eliminate the Visa logo on its announced payment card with cryptocurrencies. The company had previously said that Visa would be the issuer of the card, which caught media attention beyond the community of crypto.In the area news Binance has made headlines in recent weeks. In early April, confirmed the acquisition of the markets index of cryptocurrencies CoinMarketCap, an operation that would have been made for 400 million dollars. Just this service puts Binance as exchange number one by volume reported in trade with some 4,000 million dollars managed in the last 24 hours.Binance was launched in July 2017 in China, but in march of 2018 announced that it moved its center of operations to Malta. Your pair BTC/USDT steals half of their redemptions.

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