Binance: How to invest in futures on Bitcoin?

The future of Bitcoin are some of the new assets that have aroused interest from criptoverso. In part because they enable you to get large amounts of profits or losses. How to invest in futures on Bitcoin with Binance? Binance is the crypto exchange world’s largest, and since I started this fateful year of 2020 has not ceased to add new services to its platform. One of them have been the future of Bitcoin on the platform of Binance. The future of Bitcoin they are not active for any kind of traders. Because you need a knowledge still higher than necessary for the trading in the market Spot.

How to invest in futures on Bitcoin with Binance?

The first thing you need is a verified account and registered in Binance. For this reason, it is necessary to possess the mobile application, because the crypto exchange requires a biometric scanning, a document of identity of our country and, of course, know futures trading of cryptocurrencies. Once all these steps, we can follow our path and invest in futures on Bitcoin with Binance. It is important to note that the minimum investment required is 0.001 USDT.

How to cope in the App for future of Bitcoin in Binance?

Once created and verified our account of Binance, you only need to go to the main page of the App to the tab of “Future”. In this window, we opened our account in the future of Bitcoin. The platform will show us a warning, saying that this type of trading, although very lucrative, it carries many risks. Already completed this step, and understanding the risks they entail, we will have to move our holds our wallet spot to our wallet of the future. This as a security measure, so that on a bad day, let’s not lose all our money. Once deposited in our new wallet, we will now be able to do some futures trading Bitcoin in Binance.

To make trading on the platform

The first thing that we have to take into consideration is that Binance uses Contracts Perpetual Futures. This means that you will be able to open (Long) or close (Short) the contract at the time that you want. This, again, to avoid significant losses in a market whose normal is the high volatility.


The crypto exchange allows for 5 types of leverage ranging from 25x up to 125x. Each one of them will have a maximum amount of the contract, or contracts, that you can purchase with a given leverage. In addition, Binance used in their future contracts of Bitcoin, is “Maintenance of the level of Risk”. Once you have opened a contract with some leverage, Binance will measure the risk of your investment constantly. And if your position is very risky, the platform will begin to liquidate their funds in guarantee until they reach 0.

Types of order

In this section we have orders to Long (Buy) and Short (Sell). In addition, we have the option Limit, Market and Stop Limit. First, we assign the price at which you want to sell or buy, and the platform future of Bitcoin will attempt to fill it automatically. The option to Market, sell or buy the futures at the price you want, and the Stop Limit, is to simply assign a buy or sell price, which is activated automatically to prevent loss. It is important to note that if the position is chosen by the Maker, will be charged a high commission, unlike if done in Limit. In addition, as we see in this section, you can choose the type of leverage that you want.

Management of all orders

Binance is aware of how challenging it can be to the world of futures trading of Bitcoin. For this reason, the platform has a section where we can see in real time all our orders, Limit, Market, or Stop Limit. In addition, we can observe whether they are Long or Short. In turn, in this section we can see our ROI, or rate of gain of our positions. You already have all the tools to understand how to operate the platform Future of Bitcoin in Binance, are you ready?

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