Binance, Huobi and others: How many Trades crypto-exchanges to process, really?

About Bitcoin there are a lot of indicators. But: How many Trades are actually processed per month, day and second on the crypto-exchanges? The answer can be rates as well. Because no matter how often CoinMarketCap or other platforms, your Numbers adapt – there are serious doubts will always remain.

Information are less available than I thought

The Team of “Shrimpy Portfolio Management” has been devoted to this long-standing question and now, the results published.
As it seems, do not get the appropriate information so easy to, as you would expect. Apparently “can handle” the popular crypto-stock exchange Binance up to 1.4 million Trades per second. That’s great – but what are the stock market can, in theory, that brings us closer to an answer.
Luckily, Shrimpy has its own API. Can calculate the number of Trades made on a particular exchange, depending on the Trading Pair and the Start time and end time. So 13.2 million Trades on Binance and almost 77.000 Trades were executed in the course of October on the competing platform-Bittrex – only based on the BTC/USDT-Trading Pair.
So Binance wrapped in October, almost 172 times as many Trades as Bittrex. But how it looks with a total number across all exchanges?

Interesting results in the case of crypto-exchanges

Shrimpy collected over a whole year and on all Trading pairs across 16 of the most popular (and perhaps the most credible) stock exchanges. Some interesting conclusions were possible.
1. Huobi Global beats Binance in terms of “most of the Trades per month”. Huobi on a Global level: 121 million in October on all Trading pairs across. Binance: 92 Million.
2. The highest number of Trades, which was carried out by Binance in a single month, amounted to 125 millions. At full capacity, the entire handling of this crypto could be Trades in less than one and a half minutes.
3. The total number of Trades on all sixteen analyzed stock exchanges amounted in the month of October 2019 452 million. This is about an average month, taking into account the whole of the year.
So, there we have it. Around 450 million Trades per month (for the analyzed stock exchanges). This corresponds to about 15 million Trades per day, or about 175 Trades per second.
While some analysts from the daily traded Bitcoin are obsessed with volume (and how trustworthy the Figures reported are actually), you can use the number of daily Trades to give an indication of the market situation.
Maybe it is a statistic that we will hear in the future more often something.

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Eve Manning

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