Binance P2P: key points and their advantages

Binance P2P is increasingly gaining more traction in the world of cryptocurrencies, as a place where buyers and sellers exchange cryptocurrencies by fiat money. This without the high fees normally charged for these services. Here we bring to you 8 key points to understand the advantages of Binance P2P. Since the launch of Binance P2P in the month of October, in the year 2019, first on their web site and then in the mobile app, has built a platform increasingly viable for users who want to exchange their fiat money for criptomoneda and vice versa.

“In the last eight months since its launch, Binance P2P has processed more than 950 million dollars in operations, attracting merchants and users all over the world.”The team of Binance.

8 key points to understand the advantages of Binance P2P

Here we bring to you some of the benefits you can get from Binance P2P, that in Latin america and Spain, we can take advantage of.

1 – Binance P2P supports multiple currencies (Fiat and criptos)

Binance is the crypto exchange world’s largest, and is one of the platforms that has more cryptocurrencies listed by the moments. As expected, Binance P2P could not be the exception to this growth. Currently, Binance supports 27 currencies fiduciary and six cryptocurrencies different. Like: Tether (USDT).Bitcoin (BTC).BUSD.Binance Coin (BNB).Ethereum (ETH). EOS. And within the currency fiduciary highlighted: The argentine peso. Venezuelan bolivar.The colombian Peso. Mexican Peso. Brazilian Real. The dollar. The euro. In addition, Binance P2P adds support for at least a new fiat currency every week, including new features and enhancements are released regularly. We already have the first key point, its wide range of services.

2 – The growth of Binance P2P is driven only by the community

One of the key points of Binance P2P is its inclusion in many markets in parallel. This has resulted in that many crypto communities of the world wait eagerly to their country to be the next one to be included in this list. Do people want to get rid of their fiat money? “We take seriously the demands of our community. In fact, we have launched P2P services in countries such as India, in part due to the public demand insistent. India is now one of the largest markets P2P Binance, thanks to your continued support.”

3 – The platform is an integral part of the ecosystem of the crypto exchange

Look marvel at all the new offerings of Binance, is that all belong to the same ecosystem. So, at the end of the day, everything we have in the palm of our hand. For example, if we wanted to change our cryptocurrencies by fiat money, we had to pay the bank fees and the crypto exchange to take our money. Or, in the contrary case, we had to send our cryptocurrencies to platforms like LocalBitcoins, which charge a fee every time you enter money. But, thanks to Binance P2P, we can do it all from the same application, in record time. But, with all your criptos in Binance, their Hodls can be used for multiple purposes in the exchange, from trading through the platforms, spot, margin, futures and options, up to cryptographic services financial such as gambling, savings and more.

4 – The service of escrow

Binance P2P presents a custody service, which keeps their insurance exchanges. “This means that we act as guardians of the tokens that are buying or selling, while wiping out the payments. The service of custody of Binance P2P protects the integrity of your transactions and provides you with peace of mind”. In a few words, before you buy or sell cryptocurrencies, Binance will retain by using a Smart Contract funds. This ensures the parties that the money is there.

5 – it Is easy to use and post your own offers

With the recent launch of the new functionality of their own publications in Binance P2P. Now, all registered users and verified, they have more ways to buy and sell their cryptocurrencies.

6 – The sending of remittances, it is much easier

The cryptocurrencies do not know what are the borders and, therefore, does not have transaction costs when they travel from country to country. What better of this feature to send remittances?

“You can use Binance P2P to exchange currencies on-the-fly, all at competitive rates”.

Imagine you’re in Argentina and want to send money to Colombia. But, to do this, would I need to pay transaction costs to change their argentine pesos to dollars, then pay to send them to Colombia. After, that the person who receives it will have to change the dollars to colombian pesos to use them. But, if you use Binance P2P only sends the cryptocurrencies and the other person decides to do with them. Of a much faster, more efficient and less costly.

7 – Binance P2P has competitive prices

Binance has some of the most competitive prices for you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

“The reputation of Binance as a centre of trading for great prices in our markets, spot and futures also extends to our platform P2P”.

8 – The commissions are 0, there are no

With Binance P2P, the crypto exchange world’s largest, is taking a big step by not charging any fees for any transactions or offers published. “With us, you set the price, and obtains the total value that you want to get your ad to P2P. Think of it as a value-added service that we provide as an additional benefit for being a part of the ecosystem of Binance”.

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