Binance presents Polaris to India

Binance is unstoppable this crisis of the Coronavirus. It seems that the virus has given him a supernatural force to increase your business, and your solutions all over the world. Today, Binance presents Polaris for entrepreneurs in India.

What is Polaris Binance?

Polaris is an initiative created by the crypto exchange world’s largest, and the Background of the Blockchain of India to meet the needs of creative entrepreneurs in this asian giant. Binance created Polaris with the intent to train more entrepreneurs, and to new talents in the initial stages, to exploit, and exploit their interests.

“The program Polaris will support you to generate and give shape to their business ideas using the technology Blockchain, and will also help to grow and scale your existing business or to solve new challenges”.

For the first time in ground indium, since we closed the doors last year at the criptoverso, the entrepreneurs who wish to exploit his work in projects related to ecosystem Blockchain, you will have the opportunity. Binance, the Fund Blockchain for India and WazirX, are going to provide all the support to Polaris. Including the experience in the field, tools of investment, will provide the technical support of the developers program Binance X. With this, Polaris Binance expected to allow the ideas of new entrepreneurs come to life for the first time, and in a successful way.

Polaris against poverty

The Fund Blockchain for India will be also in charge of providing the initial funds, which range from $5,000 until the $20,000. Polaris, unlike other programs of entrepreneurs of Binance is focused on startups in the early stages, or to teams or individuals who have only ideas but not the financial means to carry them out.

“The goal of this program is to encourage the innovative entrepreneurs and provide support to create a proof-of-concept and prototypes of successful”.

But, for those projects that are in stages a little bit more advanced, Binance don’t lock the doors. For Polaris, along with Blitzscale and Fund Blockchain for India, will provide initial funding, from $20,000 up to $100,000.

“The goal of this program is to not only provide investment support but also support to the business and marketing plans for scaling successful projects and prototypes.”

Do you think that Binance has been doing wonderfully during this year 2020? Or are you a little concerned the rapid and massive expansion that has taken Binance?

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