Binance speaks out on attack on Twitter

After that, the account officer of the exchange on Twitter, as the founder and CEO of the company, Changpeng Zhao, were hacked during the massive attack of July 15. The main company of the crypto market, Binance, speaks out on attack on Twitter. Releasing a statement in which it clarifies its position with respect to the same. As well as the measures that have decided to take to protect the security of its users.

The effects of the attack on Twitter

At this point, when it’s only been a little over 48 hours since the hacking mass against Twitter, it is difficult to measure the consequences of the same. Thus, although as we reported here in CriptoTendencia, from the same hackers were less than 13 Bitcoins in total. What is certain is that the costs of cyber attack are higher than that.

We refer above all to the confidence and security of users on platforms such as Binance, Coinbase, and of course Twitter, affected during the attack. Since, as has been demonstrated, the attackers appear to have had access to the control panel of users of the social network. Which potentially puts at risk the personal information of all users of the company.

This has an economic cost, as the number of users and sponsors that don’t want to be involved with Twitter from now on, probably represent costs billionaires. Generating a situation that the exchanges as Binance want to avoid, ensuring its users that despite having been involved in the attack. The security of your funds is fully guaranteed.

Binance speaks out on attack on Twitter that he managed to defraud 12,86 BTC. Source:

Binance launches press release

So, Binance has spoken on the attack on Twitter, through a statement posted on the company blog. In which clarifies to all that the security breach did not come on the part of Binance, but that was an attack against the infrastructure of Twitter. So, the platform would not be compromised in any way.

“Twitter has posted a statement on their support account on which it is stated that ‘they are aware of a security incident that affects the accounts of Twitter’ and are ‘investigating and taking measures to fix it’. We have confirmed that this gap in Twitter was not caused by a vulnerability in the platform of Binance or of the members of the team.“

The company has also commented on some of the measures they are taking to protect the safety of its users. Including the prohibition of the addresses of Bitcoin used in the scam within the exchange. In addition to the prohibition of sending money to this address by its users.

“Binance has put in a black list all the addresses of wallets associated with the hacker to Twitter, and we continue to take rapid measures to stop the spread of these scams. The wallets of the hacker are not associated with Binance, and we have blocked the addresses of the wallets of Binance to not deposit assets in the addresses of the hacker“.

Finally, the exchange ends his statement by recommending to the community to remain vigilant to safeguard their money. Not clicking on ads suspects, especially those that include the term “CryptoForHealth”. And promising to take all necessary measures to keep the community safe.

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