Binance Widget comes to all browsers

Binance, the crypto exchange and largest in the world, is still opening step in the crypto-verse. Now, with the arrival of the new feature called “Binance Widget”, we can do trading from any browser. Days ago, in CriptoTendencia we announce that our crypto favorite explorer, Brave, had been associated with the exchange to bring the first Widget of the crypto exchange. And everything indicates that the idea of the exchange has worked well and have been inspired to make one of your own. Now all browsers like Chrome, FireFox, and Opera can enjoy “Binance Widget”.

Widgets now in Binance

The “Binance Widget,” is a new feature in the crypto exchange which allows any authorized web site, platform or web browser to make the purchase and sale of criptos without having to specifically go to the website of the exchange.

“Binance Widget helps to reduce the friction between the user and the action interact with the ecosystem of the exchange.”Expressed Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

According to the official blog of the crypto exchange, this new feature is part of the new initiative of Binance called “Open Platform”. Which will allow the crypto signatures to build on the technology of the exchange. This initiative will help to build new unique features, and then that these are within the reach of the hand for the users.

“This is a search that the criptoverso it much more accessible to all types of user”.

Join the Open Platform

In the official blog of the exchange, we can notice that they have begun a campaign to attract both platforms as developers of these new features.

“Join the Binance Widget is simple and only takes a few minutes. We will do everything possible and effort to review your application in less than 24 hours”.

In addition, the crypto exchange alert that, due to the issue of the pandemic of the Coronavirus, they do not have a responsive 100% installed. To apply, the exchange gives us 3 simple steps: carefully Read the policies of Binance Widget. Above all, the reimbursement rules and the frequently asked questions and answers.Register with your account Binance verified. Complete the application, filling out the registration form. Responding with a lot of sincerity to the required questions.

Benefits of Binance Widget

According to the official website of the crypto exchange world’s largest, there are two types of benefits that one could obtain applying this new feature. Buy Crypto Rebate: With this feature you will be able to earn a commission of 40% of each transaction in one of these two pathways fiat-crypto or crypto-crypto. If and when these transactions are made through the Binance Widget.Crypto-to-Crypto Trading Rebate: With this you can earn from $25 to $50 of the transaction fee. Both in the trading and traditional in the future of every new user that register on the platform using Binance Widget.

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