Binance will employ 100 people by Coronavirus

Through a tweet, Binance announced that it will hire 100 people to work remotely in various areas. The exchange has at least 800 employees in its team to date. “#Binance is hiring! Do you want to build your career in #crypto? Are you ready for a challenge? Come join us! More than 100 roles open, with the flexibility of working from home. Check them out and apply here.“ The announcement that Binance will employ 100 people, arises in the middle of the pandemic that has paralyzed the world, the COVID-19. The health emergency, it is hitting with force the economy of the world. The containment measures enacted against the Coronavirus, in various degrees of severity, have forced many companies to close their doors or dramatically reduce their activity. In this sense, Binance invited people around the world to develop a career in the space Blockchain. Offering a crucial opportunity to “work from home” as each of these jurisdictions global continue to strengthen the quarantine measures.

Vacancies of Binance in the middle of the coronavirus

Within your page, you can see the vacancies in different areas, within which are: business development, customer care, engineering, communications, data, and analysis, marketing and more. While the official announcement says that Binance is willing to employ at least 100 people, the page listing of jobs represents nearly 180 vacant positions, including potential hires.

Benefits in Binance for employees

It also points to some of the benefits offered to their employees, among them are: competitive salary and benefits, flexible working hours, vacation, company-sponsored, language classes free, and more.

Expansion in the world

Binance stresses that his vision is to increase the freedom of money. Therefore, make the invitation to people to join them with the intention of creating products and services inspiring that help to accelerate adoption of the technology of cryptocurrencies, Blockchain accounting and distributed. In addition, the exchange, as a global company of cryptography, is hiring talents around the world. The listings include a large number of locations in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

More companies are united to the cause in the middle of the Coronavirus

On the other hand, it is important to note that Binance is not the only company that apparently is expanding his staff during this difficult social climate. At the end of march, the main exchange of cryptocurrencies with headquarters in the united States, Kraken, announced that it would expand its team with 67 additional hires. Evidently, the fall in employment also lead to large losses of income for workers. The pandemic Coronavirus beat strong to the labour market in all over the world, with a record in the aid applications by unemployment in the united States and a strong low job registered in Spain. Binance continues to strengthen its brand, despite the crisis of the COVID-19. The main Exchange, recently announced the acquisition of CoinMarketCap, the platform created to perform a follow-up of the capitalization of different cryptocurrencies. It is hoped that with this purchase, Binance increase the traffic on your website.

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