Bitcoin 50% loss scares investors

Bitcoin has plummeted in the last few days, for a short time by more than 50%. This is a bitter blow for the Bitcoin exchange rate. Although the Fundamentals of BTC to remain unchanged, but such a Price break-ins lead to new investors, possibly from the crypto market. Now the question is, how you can invest in new investors to convince them to Bitcoin and co., if it may be partially come in one day to a price drop of over 50% provides.

Bitcoin for new investors to risk?

The last days of pure carnage on the markets. Not only for the traditional financial market went downhill, but also for Bitcoin and Altcoins. The crypto market recorded the worst daily losses of all time. Thus, Bitcoin was made as a store of value in question. Some of the Top addresses of Ethereum have cut their stocks, so probably sold. It is absolute Chaos, and even investors, who are by the time they start to make on the future of Bitcoin and crypto-currencies to Worry about.It is exactly in this Chaos has been reported, a well-known Analyst on Twitter to word and for a heated discussion ensured. How to invest someone convince you to, if something can break in a single day, to 50% in the price?

Some have suggested, that we speak of no 50% Bitcoin exchange rate burglary, but of a 50% movement. The sounds from all more enjoyable. In addition, we have also experienced, often enough, similar to strong rate increases.

Some users have also pointed out that while the Bitcoin price fall in profits. Any price movement provides opportunities to achieve profits. In General, BTC investors hold a long term Position and secure a small Short with a mediocre lever.The represents a type of insurance, and is also used in quite a while traditional financial products. But so convincing is probably difficult for new investors. For most, it’s not currently a game of pure chance, where you know exactly what will happen tomorrow.

Freedom has its price

Bitcoin is different than everything we knew up to now. It is a new Asset class that do not need to adhere to the same laws as traditional financial products. There, governments and Central banks have many ways to keep these crises under control. Some even exchanges were closed, to prevent further sales.When Bitcoin is traded 24/7, whether crisis or not. The freedom has but also sees your price as you. It is subject to pressure to sell, without any protective mechanisms. But every Bitcoin Investor can decide for himself when he sold his BTC and not have to rely on a single trading venue.

Bitcoin as a response to the devaluation of national currencies

In addition, each crisis makes BTC stronger. In each crisis, the money supply is increased by Central banks and, thus, our FIAT currencies still depreciated faster. This is probably the best Argument for Bitcoin. Nobody here can simply increase the quantity, also it can be not simply created out of Nothing. You have to invest, and a certain risk (Mining), in order to earn new Bitcoin.Thus, it is in the long term, not so bad to Bitcoin. You should not of the strong price slump dazzle. All Assets on this world in part to strong losses. The people are in a panicked state and flee in a FIAT or toilet paper. Before that could protect even the most famous Store of Value. Gold broke within a few days to more than 8%.It feels as if the worst would have been overcome but we should not lull us currently in security. The Coronavirus will keep us well for some months and thus, also the financial markets. But in the end we will survive this crisis. Perhaps the current Situation offers a good introduction to his respective Position.You want to buy Bitcoin and you are looking for maximum security “Made in Germany”?Then, the regulated Digital Exchange, the Stuttgart stock exchange is the right choice for you. In addition to low, transparent fees, free deposits and withdrawals, and EUR & BTC, you can find an intuitive operation. Join today for free and see for yourself! Sign up now!

Bitcoin Fundamentals are so strong as never before

At the end we have to explain to new investors easy, what problems Bitcoin solves, and why the hardest Asset in the world has a good chance of long-term success. The FIAT System as we know it today is not yet that old. The Experiment seems to be but already in the end arrived.The next currency reform will be in the Form of a purely digital state currency. No, this is not competition for Bitcoin, because here again, there is a Central authority that can arbitrarily increase the money supply and thus our future E-money loses value.Not to forget the 100% transparency of the funding is here, if there is no cash. Thus, transactions, etc., can be blocked by a Bank or state. Here Bitcoin can’t make it through his censorship resistance points and show how important it is in a state instance financially completely dependent. At some point, we each realize that BTC is not a speculative object, but a solution to our ailing financial system. Spread the word!If you have further questions on the topic of Bitcoin and the current Situation, you will also help our Live Video from Saturday, where we Fear to us your questions and have dedicated. A win-win for the BTC enlightenment, and certainly a balm for the battered Bitcoiners soul:How can we convince new investors of Bitcoin? We need this at all or is it just a matter of time?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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