Bitcoin Adoption in full swing

A seamless Integration of Bitcoin into the banking system would be the currencies is a big step for the Adoption of BTC and other Crypto. Banks are still an important interface between the Otto-normal consumers and the entire financial industry. Exactly that’s about to change with a new application from the developer of Zap Lightning in a sustainable and Bitcoin is a direct connection to the respective Bank accounts.

In the application of Strike it is fundamentally about linking Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments with the Bank accounts of the users. Strike is currently still in the Beta Phase.

Strike is to make getting started in Bitcoin as easy as never before

The main developer Jack Mallers announced in advance that the Strike will allow the users to send Bitcoin directly to Bank accounts and to receive from there, without a Wallet or a additional Bitcoin account is required. Also regulations such as the verification of identity (KYC), which is commonly used for exchange operations, should be reduced to a Minimum.

You need no Wallet, no Node, no Seed, no channels, no liquidity, no fancy Swaps, no white papers, and so on, to engage with this new global digital economy, inter.

Overall goal: Adoption of BTC advance

Behind this revolutionary development is the idea of Mallers that Bitcoin in the world is widely expected. Last year, the main developer announced the intention to create a platform that allows instant buying of Bitcoin by debit card over the Lightning Network.

Mallers says that Strike is the result of years of development by Zap Lightning and other Pilot and test projects. He said:

Strike is the direct result of years of development of Bitcoin + Lightning, countless hours of user research, intensive product iteration and months of Beta Tests. The numerous meetings with regulatory authorities, countless phone have led conferences with lawyers, endless Meetings with Bank partners and many sleepless nights to us to the present day.

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We are already on the verge of a mass adoption?

Mallers wrote optimistically that “the time has finally come” and added that “this is only the beginning” of the Strike, to bring Bitcoin to the world. With a “solid” and long Roadmap the main developer is excited about the future of the introduction of Bitcoin is to make. This is an exciting development and should be pursued in the next months. In addition, the Strike now has an official partnership with Visa to support the in-house Strike-debit cards.

We are excited to see which companies in the future, for the Adoption of Bitcoin worries. The goal is that the user gets a simple user interface, as known from Online Banking. The easier the On-Boarding, the smaller the Abrasive is against Bitcoin. We are still at the beginning of a long journey. Therefore, one can not speak of a time of near mass adoption yet. We will take you on the long journey, and try always to keep up-to-date. Stay tuned.

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