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The bitcoin exchange rate make smaller and smaller movements, and it seems to be closer in case of an outbreak to occur. At the same time, similar altcoins struggling to tie in with bitcoin. In this koersanalyse should we focus, therefore, is not only in bitcoin but also in litecoin, and operation. There we go!
Not in the mood to read it. Not a problem, as Axel explains it to you in a few minutes:

Here it is again.

Yes, we are still talking about the triangle at all. That you can see below in the chart. Each candle represents four hours, to:

The price of bitcoin has been trapped between two trend lines that have to find each other. The analysts use a formation like this is often a good purchase or verkoopmoment to be determined. Gets the direction of the upper side of the triangle? It is the best time to sell. The bottom part is, it’s a good koopmoment, that is, as a temporary base. However, this is not a buy recommendation, given that this strategy is not without risk. You never know where the direction of the triangle break.
About speaking, if bitcoin is to wait until the tip of the triangle, we need to have some patience until the big battle. We are going to go up or down?

Falling wedge can take care to attempt to escape

We zoom in on the graph. Every candle on the chart represents one hour instead of four hours.
For a falling wedge (falling wedge), can deliver a positive community-wide outbreak. Falling watte? A falling wedge is characterized by lower tops and lower bottoms. The price is moving between the two trend lines in this. The movement is up and down, are getting smaller and smaller. In the majority of cases, a falling wedge a breakout to the top.
Break bitcoin out of its falling wedge? Over the course of a new attempt to get to the top of the large triangle to find. And just maybe you will hear over the next few weeks and don’t have anything left of a triangle, and all of us.

Bitcoin exchange rate makes it really easy to

If the graph Is zoomed in to a level, it seems that it is not always a good idea to go ahead with the course. However, as in the English saying, ” when in doubt, zoom out!!! Or, “sell in May and go away”. But remember to come back at the end of September.’ May also be applicable to bitcoin 😉
The price of bitcoin is now at a higher level than that of the ondersteuningszone by 2018. In the chart below, the support shown by the green line.
The race was in the majority by 2018 will be down on the green zone. Up until november, and then came bitcoin, with a lot of violence in it. On the 15th of december, the lowest rate in 2018 is achieved, the 2,700-euro.

Actually, it’s quite a feat to see that the bitcoin exchange rate is now higher than that of the support end of 2018. In order to be able to understand it, we need to look at any other coin. There are quite a few, so we’ll share two of them. We’ll start off with litecoin.

Litecoin is back at the major support zone of 2018

Litecoin is 2019 and a strong started. And in June, it was one of the best cryptomunten of the year. The rate has been since the middle of december, 2018, with a whopping 560 percent!

This is partly due to the hype surrounding the litecoin block halving. This means that the reward for miners will be cut in half. There will be a 2.5 minute half of litecoin on the market. The same question could be that the price will rise. That was the last bitcoin block halvings, and, to a lesser extent, also on the litecoin block halving.
Already, just before the halving, the price of litecoin enormously. It is likely that the investors have already taken into account. The price of litecoin was to have grown up before the litecoin block halving took place. Just before the halving, the price in the other.
This is what happened also in the year 2015: in the months leading up to the halving increase the price. One month prior to the halving and began the course, however, is to go down. In the months that followed, until the restoration process.
The price of litecoin is doing to support the zone of 2018. Unlike bitcoin, it is litecoin, so back to square one.
In August 2018 dropped in litecoin for the first time in the green zone. The value is created in a snoekduik in the direction of 19,50 euro. Soon after, he was followed by the restoration. On the 2nd of april was what the price of litecoin by the green box around it. The resistance became a support.
This area is also important. Drops litecoin is on the support, and the will to make his way back up? We love you, of course, at the height of

Also, for the ether, this is the moment of truth

For litecoin the same applies for the air. The cryptomunt on the Ethereum network and has been since the middle of June well into each other, has failed, and is now located in the zone of the end of 2018. You can see in the graph below, again with the green bar:

At the start of 2019 at the latest, the price of the aether is, perhaps, also felt the pressure of the hype around it, an update on the Ethereum network. Ethereum was in February of this year, for the first time in October 2017, and a software update.
It wasn’t all plain sailing however, with the so-called Constantinople the update has been several times postponed. On Thursday the 28th of February, the update is done. Then it was the race of the ether, and again slowly started to climb again.
Along with bitcoin and litecoin, it reached the aether at its peak on the 26th of June. While the ether is more than 300 euro, which is the highest point since August 10, 2018. But that didn’t last long, the aether is back in the ondersteuningszone by 2018.
In short, compared to the altcoins are doing bitcoin not too bad. The price is still at a higher level than that of the ondersteuningszone by 2018.

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