Bitcoin and crypto Scams take due to Corona is less

Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies are already used since several years for illegal activities. There are a Plethora of fraudulent business models, want to pull the money out of your pocket. The Crypto Space has to fight so hard to and tried to the bad Image whitewash. Currently, the Coronavirus helps. By the crisis the revenue of the various Scam companies are gone, according to analysis company back.

Corona-crisis pulls down only Bitcoin and co.

The pandemic lasts us for several weeks in suspense. All markets worldwide react poorly to the current development and it still seems to be no end currently in sight. Although the Virus can be held in certain regions in chess and there are already the first loosening of the lock downs, but economically, we are still at the very beginning of a crisis.It is not as long as the Bitcoin price fell within a few hours to more than 50%. However, the traditional market has hit it hard. Many stocks are extremely liked and burned the gains of the last few years within a few days. Gold came under the wheels and more than 10% suffered losses. Now has calmed down, the situation calms a little, which is probably related to the gigantic quantity of money to increase the Central banks. Many already speak of the calm before the actual storm.

Fraudsters take now less

The Coronavirus has hit the whole world hard, but in such a serious and negative times, there is something positive. According to the block chain analysis-company Chainalysis Bitcoin and crypto – payments to illicit companies have gone in the last few weeks, more than 30%. The various pyramid schemes (Ponzi Schemes) and similar business models are in those times in oblivion. In addition, the dubious promise of this company in such times is still questionable.In a communication Chainalysis said:

We note that the reduced revenues were due almost solely to the drop in prices for the different crypto currency. Since the beginning of March, regular payments in crypto to get still but the underlying value in USD has reduced dramatically. In short, while COVID-19 provides a number of Scammers new fraudulent stories in order to lure victims, reduced by the pandemic-induced reductions in the price of the crypto currency, the revenue potential of the biggest frauds drastically.

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Bitcoin and crypto Scams are very difficult to stop

It is therefore only a partial success in the fight against Bitcoin and crypto Scammer. As soon as the situation has somewhat calmed down, people will be searching for new Investment opportunities and fall to the ground on Scams in. We try already for a long time to educate and protect our Community from fraudsters. Unfortunately, many learn by their own mistakes. According to the Motto – Learning by Burning.If you are not sure, then our Scam-Guide to a look at, to check themselves the company in. Our Telegram Chat is also available at any time, if you are still unsure. In the Crypto Space, is the Motto: “It’s all fraud, before the opposite has been proved to be valid in principle”. So radical needs to be go here honest, manner of the thing, because on each corner of the next fraudster lurks. Watch yourself and your money, Bitcoin, crypto-currencies. Stay safe.How can we protect the Crypto Space you better against Scams?Come on in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community!
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